Friday, December 17, 2010

Jung So Min, Yoon Si Yoon and CN Blue Christmas Greetings (NII)

CREDITS: yunjung828

Jung So Min's Shoes

As a shopaholic and shoe lover myself I cant help but notice how adorable and fashionable her shoes are!
Be it Oh Hani or Jung So Min I just absolutely love her shoes! 
So here are Some of the shoes I really liked/loved/coveted..haha

Playful Kiss PressCon
Seungjo's Mom Present to Hani (Episode 2)
YTkiss PressCon

HyunMin Fanvid!

credits to: purfyoom

This is one of my favorite fanvids of the HyunMin couple!
Wonderfully done by purfyoom.

Im just missing them so much that i can't help but post videos of them, so while waiting for 26Dec to come lets just feast our eyes for the sweet and happy moments of HyunMin couple.


Dec. 26 please come earlier!

The Teaser that started it ALL!

Below was the first teaser release by MBC for Playful Kiss and I must say this teaser started it ALL!

Because of this teaser, it made me anticipate Playful Kiss more and got really pump up the excitement to tune in.
Watching it again makes me want to re-watch the whole series all over again because it makes me miss it even more!
I know for sure that all the Pkissers out there are still having withdrawals! I really miss Playful Kiss!

So to reminisce our first glimpse of Playful Kiss, below is the teaser that did put a smile on our faces!