Sunday, March 27, 2011

Playful Kiss the Making Part 4!

Thanks to Kathy's Bench for posting this the Making of Playful Kiss Part 4!
This videos makes my day so happy!

Below are the videos!
Enjoy it PKissers!

 Also Kathy says there will be more!
I'm so excited!! Can't help to feel giddy just watching the BTS!
HyunMin!! Please be back on screen together!
We miss you guys so much!

Credit: The Joongjoong
kathy's bench

Jung So Min for NII

So Min has been a model of NII for a while now but I guess I haven't really posted
  pictures of her from NII!

So while our princess is still having her quiet days let's have a look at her NII pics!

Below are the pics Minnies!

So Min co-models for NII are the band C.N. Blue and Yoon Shi Yoon!
But isn't ironic that MinMin works with Jung Yong Hwa who's being 
compared to Kim Hyun Joong before.
And with Yoon Shi Yoon who was the lead of Baker King which was the competition 
of Playful Kiss in its timeslot. 
Entertainment business do really comes in circles!
But glad that MinMin got such a great working relationship with her 
colleagues in the industry!

credits: NII
           zovoh of jung so min thread in baidu


So Min's InStyle BTS Pics Part 2!

As we wait for MinMin's Clinique-Vogue Girl spread for the month of April, I did some 
digging for her old magazine pictures.

And now got other behind the scene pictures from her InStyle photoshoot!

Below are the BTS Pics!


MinMin have come a long way from her InStyle photoshoot!
Before she looks so young and very pretty but nowadays she's stunningly beautiful!
I think its because she's starting to mature and really becoming such a fine young woman!
She has this graceful aura that makes you agape in awe!
MinMin you're really a jjiang!

credits: of jungsomin
instyle magazine


Playful Kiss MV - Perhaps Love

I know I already posted this song before but I can't help it!
This MV was beautifully done as well and features one of my favorite K-Drama OST!

And besides the Playful Kiss adorable  are in it
so I know the PKissers will still enjoy it!

I'm trying to figure how I can earn billions of won so I can easily produce the
 season 2 of Playful Kiss!
Or better should I try to buy lottery ticket? 
Aigoo! I'm having this such crazy ideas!
*Sigh! I just miss them badly!
Well, might as well do some re-watching! ^_^

credit: TheAlienPrince