Thursday, May 26, 2011

Playful Kiss BTS Massage Scene Extended!

And I'm back in being a happy camper! Hahahaha! 
What makes my feeling blue mood to turn around? 
The answer is just a little video!

Below are the pics and the video link to see for yourself!

And here is the VIDEO link!

And now you know why my happy mood is back! Just the sight of them never fails to give me this happy, giddy feeling enough to cheer me up in a rainy night! Just happy! ^_^

And speaking of HyunMin please don't forget to support the other half of HyunMin,
 Kim Hyun Joong with his up coming album BREAKDOWN! 
Based on twitter his teaser song will be released tomorrow May 26 at 5pm! 
For more details of Hyun Joong's album activities always check out kathy's bench

credit: opiod0101 aka thepoopypoocrap of youtube!