Tuesday, February 22, 2011

[FanVid] Playful Kiss- Perhaps Love

One of the first K-drama that I really fell in love with was Goong /Princess Hours
 which was aired 2007!
Goong is one other reason why I become K-drama addict!

Fastforward, 2010! 

If I fell in love with Goong before, now I'm truly, madly deeply in love with Playful Kiss!
Playful Kiss hits all the right emotional buttons for me and 
the OTP chemistry sometimes left me breathless.

If you combine an element of Goong and Playful Kiss, you will get
 the fanvid below as the result!

I suddenly wish that MinMin and Hyun Joong could make another drama, 
like the story of Goong!
I think it would be so lovely to watch them together as a prince and princess!

credit: the wonder binnie of youtube

Playful Kiss "Moistly NG"

I was going through all the BTS and NG's of Playful Kiss when I did see this
 short video again of this NG.
I can't help but laugh out loud when I did saw this the first time!

In this NG video, the director (I think) was asking Hyun Joong and So Min 
to look "moistly" to each other as Hyun Joong would say the most 
loveliest declaration of love for Oh Hani in the scene.

What makes this NG so funny was the fact that even Hyun Joong and 
So Min can't seem to get the moistly look done!

But by the way, what does the director really means when he did say moistly?
And why we didn't get to see the scene when they look moistly to each other?

credit: purfyoom of youtube

Oh Hani and Hong Mo Nae!

Since we are still waiting for the videos of MinMin's Japan adventure thru O'live Travel, 
let's go back to memory lane as we look back to the two drama characters 
that our MinMin already did!

As usual as was lurking in baidu when I did see the pictures MinMin
 as the adorable Oh Hani and the bratty princess like Hong Mo Nae.

Below are the pics of lovely Oh Hani!

And these are the pics of the bratty Hong Mo Nae!


The two characters were so opposite with each other that you wonder how 
MinMin did pull it off despite the fact that she is still considered a newbie. 
But to me it only means one thing, MinMin is such a great actress!

credit: mm_love_cc of baidu!