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Jung So Min for Playful kiss Taiwan Promo Tour

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On December 26th, Kim Hyun-joong and Jung So-min will travel to Taiwan for a special fanmeeting (with a limited number of fans.) The pair has been invited by Taiwan’s ONTV for a 3day -2night stay for promotional activities of their drama premiering on the network.

During their stay, the two will participate in interviews,press conferences, and a fanmeeting to promote the 16 episode television series that aired in Korea in September. “Mischievous Kiss” will premiere on ONTV at 10PM on December 29th.
Register for your place in the fanmeeting here

Jung So Min at the 18th Annual 'Republic of Korea Entertainment Awards

Jung So Min attended the 18th Annual 'Republic of Korea Entertainment Awards' ceremony.

She looks so beautiful in a black gown! The only missing a dashing date! Any suggestions for her date?

She won the NEWBIE award...! Daebak MINMIN!!! 


Jung So Min in Black

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Pretty and Elegant as always!
And yes i WANT those shoes hahaha!

Jung So Min has outstanding acting


Netizens are showering positive praises that Jung Somin's acting in MBC Playful Kiss is refreshing.

Jung Somin is in love with Baek Seung Jo one-sidedly in MBC Playful Kiss which began airing on 1st September 9.55pm.

Because Playful Kiss was adapted from the original manga, there seemed to be no exaggerations to her acting. Jung Somin portrayed her character just like the original manga.

The twists and turns of her feelings in the drama was aptly captured, and for her humiliation scenes she had managed to portray it appropriately, it seems like she has had obliged to her Oh Hani character very much there.

Some netizens has even compared Jung Somin to Yoon Eunhye who starred across in Goong. Because Yoon Eunhye also earned her fame through such a character, it seems like Jung Somin would also develop into a good actress should she continue to give herself into the character.

Though Jung Somin is a newbie, her acting skills are outstanding. She's been receiving attention as she is in the Korea National University of Arts - Theater Major. She only had 'Bad guy' as her only work which ended last August, but then immediately she rose to the female lead position with Playful Kiss.

Netizens expressed, "It was only that much that she has shown in the first episode, so I'm really anticipating what further sides she will show us in future. Work hard for a good drama".

Jung So Min Shares Her Selca Pictures on Set

Don’t we just love to get small updates from our beloved stars? Even with a simple selca picture, fans would be satisfied since it shows the special bond between the stars and them. Actress Jung SoMin recently presented her dream-like daily life by sharing her selca photos with fans.

Jung SoMin is experiencing a bright career path since she has already managed to land a main female role in a drama despite being a rookie who just debuted last May. Currently acting as Oh Hani in the MBC drama Mischievous Kiss, she has been striving to show her best for the idol drama.

As a new actress, year 2010 is an unforgettable year for her. After gaining attention through her character in Bad Guy, she is so grateful and excited to be chosen as the main lead alongside Kim HyunJoong. She also feels honored to have the opportunity to work with director Hwang InRoe since she has always enjoyed his work.

Now let us have a sneak peek at Jung SoMin’s busy life on the drama set. She started her ‘tour of selcas’ by saying, “Around the same time last year, I would not have thought of being where I am today. I present to you all, my dream-like daily life
1. “‘Ddan ddan ddan~’ Kim HyunJoong and I had a wedding. Will Hani finally be able to marry her crush, SeungJo? This is actually a wedding that is imagined. This is the first wedding dress I’ve worn since debuting. How is it? Does it look good?”
2. “Snapshot wearing school uniforms! Because Hani lives in the same house as SeungJo in the drama, and goes to the same school, there are many scenes I film with HyunJoong. Although HyunJoong plays an arrogant character in the drama, in reality, he is very friendly.”
3. “This is the trio that always sticks together in the drama.^^ Laughing is almost natural when watching YoonHwa (middle) and SeungAh‘s comical acting. Comedian YoonHwa, in particular, is the one that ups the mood on the set.”
4. “Lee TaeSung, who plays the ‘tough guy’ Bong JoongGoo that has a crush on Hani. His thick Busan accent and curly bang leaves an impression, doesn’t it? He looks 100% like the character in the Japanese comic. I Approve! I Approve!”
5. “This is my homeroom teacher that has to deal with the reckless Hani. An affection cut with Hwang HyoEun sunbae!”

6. “Tada~ This is the script for the 6th episode of ‘Mischievous Kiss’. Can you see it? There is a sticker on the right edge that says ‘Hani’. Open your eyes wide and look~
7. “I think my manager took this secretly while we were filming. What in the world was I looking at? I’m not so sure myself. Filming overnight happens often, but it might be because I concentrate so much when acting, that I don’t feel tired at all~”
8. “Hani changed into a rebellious student during one of her imaginations, where she caused SeungJo danger by telling him ‘let’s date’. I wore make-up and clothes that I normally wouldn’t, giving off a stronger image. Do I look like a tough girl?”

9. “Doesn’t it look like I’m really angry about something? Haha. It’s so bad that those odd expressions come out naturally now.ㅋㅋ

10. “This is Namu (Kim SunGook) , Bong JoongGoo’s (played by Lee TaeSung) loyal friend. Is his yellow curls a wig? It’s real. Hehe.”

Isn’t Jung SoMin adorable and generous to share her moments with fans? All the best for you Jung SoMin!

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Jung So Min for ELLE GIRL

Fashion magazine [Elle Girl] has revealed its interview and pictorial shoots with Jung Somin through its Elle Magazine at (

Though she has been portraying the image of a cute and lovable girl most of the time, she managed to strike a natural yet charismatic look, hence flaunting the charms of an actress. Arrogant looking without any trace of a single smile on her face as she stares straight into the camera, and yet still exerting a feely-feely with her expressions.

During the interview that was held after the shooting, indeed, she did not fail to show her confident beliefs and self-thoughts. She who has just completed shooting for the special youtube edition for drama [Playful Kiss] recently confessed honestly that she "just returned from a holiday to Jung Dong Jin (the Eastern Coastals) so as to placate her somewhat complexed feelings in the heart". (after shooting)

With regards to how she feels about beating out many other female actresses to claim the role of Oh Hani, she feels, "It was a challenge for myself indeed", as she tells on seriously. She also added on that "Oh Hani is actually a very different character from the real me", "Though many others see and compare the both of us to be very similar, it was a role that I wasn't able to handle it well to an extent".

"Exactly because we are so different, I henceforth felt that Hani has influenced me alot alot throughout this entire period as I was loving Hani".

She also felt that 2010 has been an extremely meaningful year for her as she has only debuted as a newbie and yet already having starred in two works, "I don't really know whether people see me as a success or a failure, but I already possess two experiences in this wide battle-field where I'm standing in; there are really so much I've gotten. I feel like I am now able to challenge anything at all, already".

CNBLUE, Yoon Si Yoon and Jung So Min team up for NII

So Min's Pics

just wanna share this with you So Min lovers

i made a collage of some of Minmin's pics

pretty gorgeous, ne?

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Dancing So Min

Sweet So Min is really very talented! Aside from her excellent acting, she's also a very good dancer. After learning ballet from elementary to middle school, she learned Korean traditional dance in high school...

Jung So Min poses for Hazzy’s Accessories

I love these bags that So Min's endorsed and we saw these bags through out the Playful Kiss series. And she's so pretty dressed up being like a New Yorker! What a great combination, a beautiful lady and pretty bags!


With her latest photos for Hazzy’s Accessories, actress Jung So Min has transformed into a ‘city woman.’
As Oh Hani in the recently ended MBC drama, ‘Playful Kiss’, Jung showed a sweet romance with KimHyun Joong’s character, Seung Joo. In this pictorial however, the actress sheds her lively, bubbly image by giving chic poses and facial expressions. The concept of a cold, city woman is perfectly exemplified by  Jung So Min’s smoky makeup and her colorful and fashionable clothes.
Due to her busy schedule, Jung So Min modeled for this pictorial right after filming for her drama ended. Despite being extremely tired, she did not show it and behaved like a pro-model. Her professionalism wowed everybody on set.