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Playful Kiss Ratings on Philippines As per May 30!

And the Playful Kiss fever in the Philippines have started! Yehey!!! 
Now we got the ratings from yesterdays airing!


AGB Ratings :May 30, 2011

People: Playful Kiss GMA-6.1%
House Hold: Play Kiss GMA-15.4%

People: MGIAG- 4.7%
House Hold: MGIAG-12.4%

Good job PKissers!!! Its a good start for Playful Kiss! Again, 
PKissers here in the Philippines, please continue to support Playful Kiss! 
Please continue to spread the Playful Kiss Love! 
See you guys 5pm at GMA channel 7!

Playful Kiss Extended BTS Kiss in the Rain With Translation!

Ok, I know all the PKissers and HyunMins got all happy and giddy with the Playful Kiss BTS galore these past days and who wouldn't be, right? But some of it we dont really understand the conversations so now we do have part of the translations for the conversations.  Thanks to wonderful people from Minjoong thread in sompi!

Translation starts at: 2:59

camera:  this is the 3rd kiss scene.  how is it? (jsm:  is it the 3rd?) compared to the 1st and the 2nd time... 
jsm:  the 3rd or the 4th time? 
khj:  uh...the 3rd.  (jsm:  ah the 3rd.) ah (jsm:  eh?)  including the daydream scene, the 4th. 
camera:  hm.  (jsm:  ah that's right.)  so...how is it?  down to the 3rd time... 
jsm:  not a kiss scene but a bobo scene.  (camera:  still.) 
khj:  it's become much more natural compared to the first time.  in the beginning, it was just a working relationship between lips, now it's gotten a little comfortable.  we're kissing...quite like a kiss, lips moving a little....yes.  i think it's like that.  now this is the first of our kiss scenes to get an ok in one try.  since it's so cold, wanted to get it done quickly to leave so we tried hard.   
jsm:  that's right.  it's so cold.   
camera:  i heard the crew saying that if the 1st and the 2nd were just kisses, this time will be t o p...what do you think about that? 
khj:  did you say coffee?? 
jsm:  t o p  
camera:  they mean with the rain and all it's a kiss in the water so it's considered special. 
(khj:  ah...hm...)  jsm:  it would be special to people watching.  we are dying here cuz it's freezing cold. 
khj:  if i'm T O P, you are a dabang coffee (refers to instant coffee with cream and sugar from the old days.  khj is just rhyming p with fee) 
camera:  not like that... 
jsm:  got used to throwing out just any comment. 
camera:  don't do that.  i need to get at least one good cut. 
khj:  oh yeah?  should i give you a good one. 
jsm:  just throwing out any comment isn't a good cut?  isn't it? (khj nods) 
camera:  there's not enough time.  i need to leave after getting a quick interview. 
khj:  if you are T O P, i'm Gdragon. 
jsm:  what the heck is he saying.  (khj sings something indecipherable) 
camera:  i'll give this cut to you later for keeps. 
camera:  is a kiss in the water better compared to other kiss scenes? 
khj:  sure...the saliva glands... jsm:  i think it's more special. 
camera:  not like that but like the atmosphere.. 
jsm:  i think so.  it's a scene where love is confirmed? (i think it's coordi who says so what he keeps annoying her even after)  he does keep on annoying her. 
khj:  hani will have difficult times again. 
jsm:  feeling unsure even after getting married.  oh i shouldn't say these things. 
khj:  well this will come out after the show is over so it's ok.  ...it's a lot of fun. (jsm:  what is?)  the husband and wife relationship... 
camera:  but you're not even married yet. 
khj:  to each other...(jsm:  how would you know when you've never even been married?)  how should i put... 
jsm:  how would you know if marriage is fun or not. 
camera:  are you looking forward to married life?  (jsm nods)  what do you think it'll be like? 
jsm:  i don't know since we haven't done it.  (to khj) how will it be?  married life?  wouldn't it be the same? 
khj:  once we start our married life, i have something i've thought of.  i think i'll change the way i talk.  a little warmer?  depending on how it goes.  
at 7:22 when khj puts his hand on jsm's hand wrapped in the famous blanket, cameraman says "these kids...already? before even getting married..."
this is my interpretation but i can sense that the cameraman kinda adores the two "kids".  there was a bts for the ending car scene where jsm waves at the cameraman and khj nods at him, the cameraman says "i'm always keeping an eye on you".  jsm says "i saw you looking at us with daddy's smile"  and the cameraman says "always so pleasing (makes him happy)". 
They are so freaking adorable! Aigooo!!! HyunMin you are surely worth shipping! LOL!
I suddenly wish you two know that we are being so crazy that Playful Kiss and them!

Credit: Poopypoocrap at Youtube(opoid)
Translation: jangkijjang at Minjoong/ HyunMin Soompi

Playful Kiss in Yahoo Philippines!

And here's another article regarding the airing of Playful Kiss here in the Philippines! And I bet we will more of them in the coming days but I'm not complaining but saying bring it on! 

Below is the article!

Playful Kiss to air on local Philippine TV
by Catherine Deen
Posted Image

Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong (SportsKorea)

Fans of the classic Taiwanese drama “It Started with a Kiss” that inspired a lot of followers when it aired in the Philippines back in 2006 will be thrilled to know that the Korean version of the drama “Playful Kiss” is set to premiere on local television by the end of May.

The plot of “Playful Kiss” is inspired by the original Japanese manga “Itazura na Kiss” which was also the basis of “It Started with a Kiss”.

“Playful Kiss” reveals the unlikely love story of Oh Ha Ni, a below average high school girl, who desperately pursues the love of her life—the unattainable A-student Baek Seung Jo who, much to her dismay, publicly embarasses her and consistently treats her with disdain.

Oh Ha Ni and Baek Seung Jo’s love story literally starts with a “playful kiss”. Viewers who enjoy escaping to a world of youthful innocence and the “kilig” of young love will like this light drama. Those who get awfully irritated by seemingly lovesick girls chasing after snotty boys must stay away lest they throw things at their own television sets after witnessing the many martyr scenes of Oh Ha Ni as she struggles to make Baek Seung Jo fall for her.

“Playful Kiss” stars Hallyu superstar Kim Hyun Joong of the “Boys Over Flowers” fame and the cute actress Jung So Min. Yahoo! OMG previously reported that “Playful Kiss”, also known as “Naugthy Kiss” or “Mischievous Kiss”, did not achieve high ratings during its Korea run last year. However, what the drama lacked in local viewership, it surpassed in internet success. “Playful Kiss” redeemed itself online by registering as the top viewed drama online during its run. Group8, its producers, cleverly partnered with a popular online drama streaming site for fan translations. They also entered an exclusive deal with YouTube to upload seven webisodes of the drama. The drama’s online popularity was even covered by CNN’s Talk Asia with Anna Cohen.

“Playful Kiss” is set to premiere on May 30 as part of GMA7′s afternoon drama line-up.

Again, please support them!!! Let's show Playful Kiss how passionate and ever supportive the PKissers here in the Philippines are! AJA! FIGHTING PLAYFUL KISS!

credit: http://ph.omg.yahoo....-003032446.html

Playful Kiss in Philippine Star!

This is an article for Playful Kiss featured in Philippine Star! Now is really the time for Playful Kiss to invade my country!

Below is the article!

Posted Image

Young love on Playful Kiss

(The Philippine Star) Updated May 30, 2011 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines – Beginning today, GMA 7 airs Playful Kiss, the Koreanovela that gained 520,000 hits on YouTube two days after its first episode was published online. It replaces Temptation of Wife.

Playful Kiss gives a colorful account on how a beautiful yet clumsy girl admires a cold-hearted and perfectionist boy. Honey Oh (played by Jung So Min, top), a high school girl in the bottom of her class, falls for Gelo Baek (Kim Hyun Joong, bottom) the first time she sees him. However, Gelo is her exact opposite; he is smart, popular and almost perfect.

When Honey confessed her feelings to Gelo, the latter rudely rejected and humiliated her. This is when fate intervenes and causes them to live under the same roof.

People say that big changes come from the smallest of things but will it be true in the case of Gelo and Honey? How can one little, playful kiss spark a love that neither of them thought possible?

Savor the sweetness of young love and be inspired by Gelo and Honey.

Playful Kiss airs Mondays to Fridays before Magic Palayok. 

So to all PKissers here in the Philippines please show your love and support to them! Watch Watch and watch! This little precious drama deserves all the love!

credit: http://www.philstar....rticleId=691235
newyorkcitygirl of soompi

Monday, May 30, 2011

Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong in Playful Kiss Comics!

I think I posted before that in Japan comic version of Playful Kiss 
So Min and Hyun Joong were featured in a few volume of it but now 
they are already featured in its 13 volume! How cool is that! ^_^

Below are the pictures of the comics!

Its such a big deal that they are the ones in the comics because it means that the 
Japanese people really likes the Playful Kiss couple! 
And thats why maybe they are coming to Japan in August! 
Such a very lucky Japan PKissers! 
They would see them noy only once but twice!

And by the way to all PKissers here in the Philippines, 
Playful Kiss will be starting to air today May 30 at GMA Channel 7! 
Truth to be told, I don't watch GMA shows but for the love of Playful Kiss 
I will watch on that channel! 
So please show your support and love for Playful Kiss 
and its wonderful leads Jung So Min and Kim Hyun Joong! 
They need all the love and support we can give!
 AJA Fighting Playful Kiss! 

credits: blog.dum.net.elley0606
kathy's bench!

Another Batch of Playful Kiss Osaka FM Rehearsal!

And we got new batch of screencaps! 
Well it seems like the video can't be uploaded so we do got some screencaps
 from the Playful Kiss Osaka Fan Meeting rehearsal!

Below are the other pics!

Aigoo HyunMin! Why so cute and sweet?! 
I particularly find the bye of So Min cute but do you really need to say bye? 
Because you know you will still see each other right? In the Fan meeting itself?
And its so sweet that Hyun Joong still look on as So Min goes to her own dressing room 
as if making sure that she's going there before entering in his own room! 
Aish! HyunMin you are surely killing me with your adorableness!

credits: kyra and mjsg of soompi


Sunday, May 29, 2011

So Min Updates Her Cyworld With Playful Kiss Background!

Ok!!!! My initial reaction??!?!!!!!!

WAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAPPY ME! Love you minmin!

Credit: So Min's Cyworld!

s3nK7.png (931×535)

Another Batch of PK Making DVD Screencaps!

And the fun doesn't stop! We still got some Playful Kiss goodies! 
And this time it came from chanel05 of soompi! 
Few screencaps are on the way!

Below are the screencaps guys!

Even though the director is just showing to Hyun Joong how to pinch MinMin in the cheek
 it seems like he like to pinch MinMin too!

Now its Hyun Joong's turn!

Look at that adorable face, I would like to pinch her cheeks too! LOL!

Maybe they are discussing if his pinch does hurt?

I love how it seems like they are listening to MinMin intently!
 Even Hyun Joong was listening!

I look at you...

You look at me! 

Still looking so pretty even in fainting scene!

They look like they came from a fairy tale!

MinMin's pose looks so graceful as Hyun Joong looks on!

Getting ready to toss her in the air Hyun Joong-ah?

The smile on my face seems like it wont come off anytime soon! 
Seeing pictures and clips from the Playful Kiss Making DVD makes me realize 
that everything that we saw in the drama, its all product of all the hardwork 
of the people involve in the series especially its leads Hyun Joong and So Min!
 It makes me love Playful Kiss more! Love you Playful Kiss, 
to me you will always have a very special spot in my heart!

credit: chanel05 of soompi


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Playful Kiss BTS -Pui! Pui and English Parts!

And here's another one! This clip is from episode 11 in the pension house episode!
And this time Eun Jo was with them! Additional cuteness from Eun Jo!

Here is the clip guys!

The 3 of them are just adorable together no wonder So Min and Hyun Joong 
simply adores Eun Jo so much because he is the cutest as well! 
And when they start babbling english phrases like "why not", "how are you"
its too cute for words and you will also notice that MinMin do speak english quite well! 
Her accent is good! Thanks! Thanks again opiod0101 for the PK goodies! 
You are such a heaven sent! Komapta!

credit: the poopypoocrap aka opiod0101 of soompi

Playful Kiss BTS -Kiss in the Rain Extended Version!

Its raining Playful Kiss and HyunMin love! Opiod0101 we do owe you alot!
You are sure making all PKissers and HyunMins happy!

Below is the video guys! Enjoy!

After watching the extended version of the ever famous Kiss-in-the-rain, 
I love it even more! These two are just magical together! 
Im having scarcity of words how to describe the HyunMin! 
And just need to agree to snowflakej16 of soompi, Hyun Joong seems to
be fond of doing hug practices (remember the balcony hug scene?) 
they do practice over and over again and even under that famous blanket! 
Aigoo HyunMin why so adorable and sweet!

credit: thepoopypoocrap aka opiod0101 of soompi

Playful Kiss Osaka Fan Meet Rehearsal Pics!

The Playful Kiss Osaka Fan Meeting was shown in the station we can't mention so now we do have screencaps from the ever liable elley! Below are the pics guys!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Wah!!!! I really wanted to watch the Playful Kiss Osaka Fan Meeting!
Can somebody with a good heart please upload it in YT? Please! Please! 
My babbling aside, the PK Osaka FM BTS pictures are awesome! 
And high five? The Hug was so supposed to be a high five? 
Or its really a hug but just did a high five in place for it in the rehearsal?
Hmmmm.... but whatever it is, as long as the hug happened then I got nothing to complain!
And got to say they look stunning together even they are just 
wearing their "regular" clothes! What a gorgeous HyunMin couple!


Friday, May 27, 2011

The Making Playful Kiss DVD -Faint Scene!

And our dear friend opiod0101 from soompi is on the roll in sharing 
her PK Making DVD goodies!
And I'm so willing to accept any PK/HyunMin goodies possible!

So below are the screencaps and video link!

And here's the link of the VIDEO!

This particular clip is kinda short but its still jammed packed with HyunMin adorableness!
I particularly like the part where Hyun Joong was tagging the pigtail of MinMin! 
Its like a little boy pulling the hair of the little girl that he likes! 
Soooooooooooooooo cute!

credits: thepoopypoocrap aka opiod0101 of soompi

MinMin's Cyworld Update 27May!

Since its the anniversary of MinMin's debut in television, our princess did gave us another reason to smile as she did update her Cyworld today with a pic!

Below is her update!

MM Cyworld pix... at school I miss her

학교에서! (At school)

So happy that MinMin did update today! 
She's looking pretty and quirky as usual with her adorable pout! 
So pretty! And really love her to pieces! 
Happy Anniversary again MinMin! We love and misses you!
credits: jungsomin's cyworld 
mijoo-pearl of soompi

Happy First Year Anniversary Jung So Min!

Dearest So Min,

It's been a year since you have grace our small screen with your lovely presence in the K-drama called Bad Guy. To be perfectly honest about it the drama itself was a mess of story and have a such bothering ending but one of the few things that made me stay and still watch it was because of you. As a newbie I did find your presence refreshing and said to myself that the acting is quite impressive!

And then Playful Kiss comes along, I fell in love with you as you undoubtedly embraced the character of Oh Hani and made it your own! Indeed you are the best Kotoko ever! You are the another reason why Playful Kiss is my ultimate K-drama love! 

But I did love you even more as we get to know a little bit more about you. Being the sensible, smart,  the down to earth girl who have this unexplainable poise and grace. You also seem to always speak your mind, and always have sensible thoughts about things like career, love, friendship, school and life in general. And its such a breathe of fresh air seeing an actress like you being candid and spontaneous but still know her priorities. I can't really help but adore you more and more!

Its been months since we started this blog and its been awesome! And the rest is what I call blissful, happy, fun and life changing history!

We, here at simplysomin just wishes you more years to come in your career with wonderful projects that will surely showcase your numerous talents.  And happiness, more than anything else we wish you happiness and joy that not only that comes from your work satisfaction but from everything that you do and love.

God Bless you So Min! Have a wonderful years ahead in your blooming career!

Your Minnies will surely be there for you! We love you! 

 With lots of love,

simplysomin admins ^_^

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Playful Kiss BTS Massage Scene Extended!

And I'm back in being a happy camper! Hahahaha! 
What makes my feeling blue mood to turn around? 
The answer is just a little video!

Below are the pics and the video link to see for yourself!

And here is the VIDEO link!

And now you know why my happy mood is back! Just the sight of them never fails to give me this happy, giddy feeling enough to cheer me up in a rainy night! Just happy! ^_^

And speaking of HyunMin please don't forget to support the other half of HyunMin,
 Kim Hyun Joong with his up coming album BREAKDOWN! 
Based on twitter his teaser song will be released tomorrow May 26 at 5pm! 
For more details of Hyun Joong's album activities always check out kathy's bench

credit: opiod0101 aka thepoopypoocrap of youtube!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

So Min's Other BTS Pics from Elle Photoshoot!

It's raining here and the rain makes me feel kinda blue and nostalgic so to ease up 
a bit been trying to look for something to do! 
Seen some BTS pics of the lovely So Min from Elle's photoshoot last December.

Below are the pics!!!

Seeing So Min's pics, I can't help but smile! 
This girl have this certain aura that can seem light up a room by just being there!
 I suddenly wish I could really see her in person! 
The question is, when will it see possible? Well, here's to dreaming!

credits: snowflakesj16 of soompi


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Screencaps of PK Making Part 3!

Been lurking in soompi Jung So Min thread when I saw the post of chanel05! 
The post where screencaps from the Making Playful Kiss DVD Vol 1 & 2! 
And you just can't believe my smile after seeing the screencaps! 

Below are the screencaps!

MinMin is such a sensible girl! She uses her time wisely! Reading while waiting!

I wonder what book she's reading!
 Can't somebody help me to find out?

WOW! Truth to be told, it kinda hurt if you do stretch like that and
 you don't do it often, so it only means that MinMin is really into physical wellness
because it seems like it doesn't hurt! So cool! 

Hyun Joong-ah, for what I see your scene has already ended but
why you are still holding her wrist?

MinMin and her wonderful smile! So lovely!


I know the kiss-in-the-rain scene was shot until wee hours but happy to see that both of them seem to have fun times!

The famous blanket and the adorable PK couple!
Its just epic! ^_^

Thank you so much chanel05 for posting this in soompi!!! 
You don't know how many Minnies, PKissers and HyunMins you have made happy
 because of these screencaps! Now I'm really dying to watch the Making Playful Kiss DVD! 

credit: chanel05 of soompi jung so min thread