Friday, April 15, 2011

Playful Kiss MV: I Said You Are The One (Rainbow)

Its been a while since I posted Fanvids/MV's in this blog.
And thanks to the myxpod of Kathy from Kathy's Bench, I got to see this MV 
and surprisingly I did like the song!

Hope you enjoy it as well!

While watching this video, can't really help but be happy and be sad at the same time.
Happy because HyunMin and Playful Kiss usually helps put a smile on my face.
Sad because I miss the HyunMin so bad and I know for this time being both of 
them are quite busy individually. 
But I'm not loosing hope, I know in time I will see them again together in 
one place at the right time!

credit: dinameliakriska of youtube