Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MinMin Cyworld Update June 29!

Lovely, lovely, lovely! Isn't she lovely?!
Its all I can say! 
As our dear MinMin did update her Cyworld today!

Below are her updates!

지금 부산 청사포에요!!^^ 요긴 쨍쨍

신기한 부산''-''

Glad to know that she is back in Korea after her Bangkok trip
Looking sooo cute at her expressions!
Its nice to see her that way again!
And she's in Busan? Hmmm...
As my good friend Pearl mentioned in FB, 
I know someone who is also in Busan right now
which have a fan meeting and a fan signing! LOL!

credits: mijoo-pearl of soompi
jungsomin's cyworld

Jung So Min's SK-II promo photos

Im having this great feeling about Kim So Hyun...

But I will always ship HYUNMIN no matter what... (Sorry for the irrelevant comment! LOL!-Kathy)

Credit: Kim So Hyun Daum Cafe

Minmin's SK-II BTS pics from Jennyhouse

I want to see more of her CF! And a new project soon Minmin!


f6meU.jpg (550×733)

PJvTD.jpg (550×733)

Zeeal.jpg (550×733)

2Jg2w.jpg (550×733)

Jung So Min for DMAC Shop

Cute Angry Birds Iphone case!!!

Missing minmin sooo much!!!