Saturday, July 23, 2011

HyunMin MV-Fortunate!

I know for the past few days all the updates from our dear princess came from her SK II!
So now as we look forward for the Aug. 02 for the Playful Kiss FM in Tokyo
we do have a fanvid of our lovely OTP!

Biggest thanks to our dearest friend Pearl for the fanvid as she was the one who made it!
Watching them makes me realize how lucky we are because even though PK has ended months ago still the love that we have for the both of them remains! 
And not only we gained two lovely people to love thru Playful Kiss
 but we also gained lovely friends thru them!
 And that what makes them so different!
 I miss you HyunMin! And we all love you!

credits: lovesomin of youtube