Monday, July 11, 2011

Jung So min @ SK-II StartPiteraEvent

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Playful Kiss Fanmeeting Osaka Video!

If I'm not mistaken I did post videos about the Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Osaka before, 
but the video below is more complete in a sense that its bit longer.

Here's the video!

I know I sounded like a broken record but I will say this again, please Playful Kiss!
Please, push thru the Playful Kiss Fan Meeting on Aug. 02!
I can't wait to see my favorite OTP together again!

credit:dina060686 of youtube

Jung So Min'sFanvid!

I know many of us misses MinMin so bad that's why I'm happy to see 
that most fans express their feelings thru MV/fanvids! 
Now we do have a fanvid dedicated to her!

Enjoy it Minnies!

Happy to notice that it seems the maker of the video is from my country as well!
Seeing how MinMin touched so many thru her Oh Hani makes me smile and think that all her hardwork for Playful Kiss did paid off, many really appreciate her at PK!
Hopefully all of her fans will continue to support her as she will work on her new drama!

credit: moniquemonteloyola00 of youtube

Notice from Jung So Min's Raffine's Fan Leader

We all know that our dear MinMin did met the Raffine family during her last SK II event
and she was so happy to received a happy and warm welcome!
And now the Raffine's Fan club leader release a notice!

Here's the notice!

Posted Image

Good news for all of everyone here.

The mini fanmeeting of sk2 began a fairy meet with So Min.
She's very happy to meet our Raffine.
So Min also crying so much because touching when meeting with us.
Because of that, she's also thinking...
Within this year, Raffine will ready for a official fanmeeting.
But from this day, you can also begin prepare to attend.
Lask week, I have meet her manager, working together for this.
I will announce when everything is finish...please wait for it...

Maybe when summer has passed, before the fall or winter...
Really very need the help of Raffine Family.
Please wait for a litte longer ^ _ ^

Source: Raffine Jung So Min.

At last! Our dear MinMin would have her own official fan meeting!
She deserves to have one in the first place!
I really wish and pray that I could be there to attend it!

credits: raffine jung so min
mijoo-pearl of soompi