Friday, June 24, 2011

Jung So Min Updates Her Cyworld With Great Sunglasses and a New Background

Minmin updated her cyworld with new photos!!!!

Great shades Minmin!!!! I think I saw that shades before...hmm..I just dont remember where...

And I love the protector of her iphone!!! Woot!

Heard she's in Bangkok! Enjoy minmin!!!

Thanks Jeanneth for the photos!
Credit: jungsomin's Cyworld

Jung So Min's Fan Meeting for SK II!

Yahoo! I'm so excited for July to come!!! Why, you ask? 
Because I think July would be MinMin's month because its the month 
where we will see more of her! 
And to start the month of July, MinMin will have a mini fan meet for SK II!

Below is the news!

Jung So Min will have a mini fanmeeting in July 02.
                                             This FM will be SK2 Fanmeeing for So Min.
                                                             Location: 포액스M관
                                                                   Time: 7PM

Its such a good news that MinMin would have her own Fan meet as well! 
I like SK II because they are giving MinMin these kind of opportunity to meet her fans!
 Now I wish I could go to Korea to attend these fan meeting!
So lucky for her Korean fans! I do hope MinMin could go to my country as well!

translation: mijoo-pearl of soompi