Thursday, April 28, 2011

Translation for Jung So Min's Elle Interview!

We haven't much interview from the lovely So Min due to the fact that 
she's kinda busy for school
As of the moment tlbpc of soompi did something awesome by translating 
So Min's interview for her Nov/Dec Elle interview.
Thanks tlbpc!

Below is the translated interview!

This is the translation from Chinese to English that I have done for the interview Jung So Min had in Elle magazine last Nov/Dec issue.

The camera is staring at you, chaste Monai or the reckless Hani, are you the real Jung So Min?

Yesterday was the final episode of “Playful Kiss” special on Youtube’s last weekend broadcast, what did you do?
I went to Jeong Dongjin to look at the sea.

Whom did you go with?  You went alone?
Yes, I went by bus, my mother was very worried and she kept calling me.

Why did you want to look at the sea?
The sea can relieve moody feelings and I want to understand what’s in my heart.

Heard that you were dancing in high school, how did you start to act?
It is from dancing that helped me to attend acting class, that’s how I got charmed by it, it took me a long time to calm down and my heart beat was fast.  At the start I was very unnatural in acting, to act was easy but saying the lines must not be awkward, it was quite embarrassing.

You hid about entering into Korea Arts University from your parents?
At the beginning, I wanted to dance because it seems then that I will get admitted by all universities but I spoke to my teacher that I want to try the KAU entrance exam, at that time I wished very much to have someone to guide me. I only told my mother briefly about it but this led to my parents’ objection and I used my own pocket money to pay for the dance classes to hide this from my parents. Somehow my mother found out, on the second successful exam then I told my father, but he was very angry with me and refused to talk to me.  It was only when he saw the fees notification letter stating that the amount would be zero then he begin to talk to me again.  He began to trust me.

Is it true that you get admitted to the university as a top student?
Seems like I am in luck and it was a miracle.

When you have decided to do something, you seem not to give up easily.
Yes, dancing was what I wanted to do.  My parents dislike the entertainment world and have warned me and objected to my wanting to be an actor, so in high school usually after class I would go for my dancing class.  Even if it is a small matter if I think I ought to do it, I would go ahead to do it.

You are absolutely new in acting for the role as Monai in “Bad Guy”, it must have been not easy.
Up to the second audition I was still very greedy for the role but then after that nobody contact me and so I gave up.  When I was preparing for my drama performance, they contacted me for the third audition and then like playing truant I sheepishly submitted my letter for a semester break.

How was the atmosphere at the film set for the first time?
Since I don’t know anything about acting I was very busy because I was very nervous and so I didn’t have any NG.  Even when someone made a mistake I didn’t think it was funny but I got along very well with the sanbaes.  A few days ago was teacher Oh Yeon Soo’s birthday and I gave her a call and weekend I even contacted Kim Na Gil who is in the army to meet.  This project is one which consists of very good sanbaes. 

After finishing “BG”, immediately you begin shooting “Playful Kiss”?  How was it to be the main character for the first time?
There was a lack of sufficient time in preparation for the role, I was tied up with many things.

Oh Ha Ni is a role that many young actress dream of, how were you chosen?
At the second meeting I meet the director Hwang In Roe and representative, but it was held after a morning shoot, it was the last scene of the last episode of “BG”, I wasn’t at my best.  Usually people would look awful and I was quite blur and talked a lot, I think that was how I look in similarity to the character.

How do you think you have done as according to the character in the manga?
In comparison, from the artistic view, I think the focus should be on Hani’s spirit.  She is the sort that is very enduring and that energy won lots of respect.  Actually I think Hani is different in many ways from me, although others seem to see a lot of similarities but it is a role definitely not because I was sure to be able to act it out well.  It is different, like I am influenced very much, yet I thought “Oh, I’m actually not like that”, I like Hani and was influenced by her a lot during then.

Did you ever have any boyfriend?
Till now I have never being in love before.

How is your ideal boyfriend like? Is he perfect like BSJ?
No.  I don’t like the perfect type, which type do I like?  I don’t like those who speak brusquely, other than this I haven’t think of it yet.

People said that you have a pure clean face with your own unique charm, how do you personally see yourself?
Since I become an actor I don’t think appearance is a big problem because I’m not a celebrity or a star, instead I’m thankful that I don’t look as pretty like a doll (tlbpc’s note – But she does look like a doll to me, like to dress her up and do her hair)

How do you feel when watching yourself acting on TV?
I can’t judge myself objectively now.  To play the role again I’d still do with that feeling.  A few times I wanted to watch it from a third person’s perspective but then I’d still feel the same way as I’m in the role.

What do you do in your leisure time?
Never had thought of “after shooting is completed what should I do” or “what to do first”, I don’t like to idle one’s time away.  Although during shooting I have thought of “If this is over, I’d go into hibernation” but actually hibernation for me lasted only one day.  Now I’m thinking of what I’ve learned and what else to continue to learn….to learn singing or other type of dances…

What type of friends are Jung So Min’s?
I like them who are not worrisome, upward driven and even if they are in anxieties would still be able to overcome it.

Then to your friends, what kind of a person are you?
I am a busybody, hope that they are fine and would take care of them.

Which dominates you more, sensibly or rationally?
Rationally, but sometimes I’m quite sensitive so I try my best to control myself.  When I’m alert I can be like this mostly, whereas when I’m slow I can be quite reckless.

In your life which do you think is the most important principle?
In our lifetime, it’s impossible not to have any regrets but you can leave behind small regrets.  No matter how you plan still you can’t keep up with your heart’s wishes, in the end there are no other choices, so I don’t want to live in such a way that I’d have any big regrets.

Are there anything that is significant for you at the end of 2010?
To have acted in two projects, that to me had been very enriching, I am considered to have started my career.

Having experience the acting career, how do you feel about it?
To others whether it’s a failure or a success I don’t know, but having experienced two projects I have gained a lot.  In fact, what’s said by one who had the experience and had not the experience are very different.  Having the experience, I can say that my biggest reward is that I am able to challenge any kind of role.  I may not be able to give a satisfactory result but at least now no matter what I don’t need to have a hard time thinking whether to do it or not but would very decisively go ahead to give a try.

Do you have any hope/expectations for 2011?
I wish to have time to enrich my inner being and not when on the acting spot, to have more experiences then to act in the next project and overcome the limitations I had in my previous projects.
As I said in my previous posts, it's always great to read interviews of So Min 
because in her interviews we get to know her a bit better, we understand her more 
and because of that we tend to love her more!
Hoping for more interviews in the future because I'm excited to hear more from her!

chinese translation: xiaomo@jsominchina
english translation: tlbpc of soompi