Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jung So Min's Photos from SK II Event Part7!

And the photos are still pouring in from the SK II CF!
As I said before, I don't have any complaints about it! 
As long as its about So Min, its all good for me!

Batch 7!

Happy! Happy! Happy!
Hopefully in her future projects the media coverage will be as intensive as this!
Can't really wait for her next project and the PK FM in Tokyo!

Credits: snowflakesj16 of soompi

Jung So Min's BTS Scenes from PK the Making DVD!

Got some BTS from the ever lovely So Min and its again from 
the Playful Kiss the Making DVD!
These time its with the other casts as well!
The BTS uploads are thanks to snowflakesj16 of soompi!

Below are the videos!

I really love BTS from Playful Kiss! 
You can really see all the hard work and great working relationship the cast have! 
Playful Kiss, you will always be my ultimate K-drama love!

credit: snowflakesj16 of soompi