Friday, March 25, 2011

Playful Kiss BTS GIF's and Pic!

 I really hope and wish Playful Kiss and Group 8 would just release a 
DVD of ALL of BTS of PK!
Because as of the moment I'm really just asking for more wonderful BTS scenes!

For now we got some GIF's and pic from the BTS!

Awww! MinMin is so sweet!
Fixing Hyun Joong's jacket!

And MinMin got some playful side too!
Tickling Hyun Joong's noona while she's doing his make-up!
Her laughter is really fun to hear!

Why they suddenly look at the BTS camera?
Hmmmm....are they unaware that the BTS camera are still rolling?

Where can we sign a petition for a release of the complete BTS DVD of Playful Kiss?

The PKissers and HyunMins badly needed the dose of their cuteness and sweetness!
Please let us see the more of the of the PK couple goodness behind the scene!

credits: snowflakesj16 and unlovelydeewha of soompi
            group 8 & mbc


So Min for 14 Days System & Body!

For the past days we do saw pictures of So Min for different ads 
and it seems like she did get slimmer.
And it got me wonder how she did it, diet perhaps or exercise?

And now we do have pics of her from 14 Days System & Body.

I think this was during the Bad Guy days!
You can really see how flexible MinMin is!

And this was I think the recent visit of MinMin in
14 Days System & Body!
She looks refresh!

I'm glad to know that MinMin is doing her best to remain physically healthy.
Because a healthy body can help to have happy mind and heart as well! 
Stay happy and healty MinMin! ^_^

credit: vanilla96 and snowflakesj16 of soompi


So Min's Sponsor and Random Pics!

Its not easy to wait for something but if the person you are waiting for is worth 
then time is not an issue.

As of the moment MinMin is still enjoying her quiet time so therefore her Minnies 
are just patiently waiting for her next project but for now we do have
 some pics from our lovely MinMin!

Below are pictures of MinMin!

From: Daydream

From: Bean Pole (bag & trench coat)

From: HyunMin Thread in Baidu

From: BTS pic of Hazzy's Photoshoot
Source: HyunMin thread Baidu

I think the Minnies badly needed some MinMin vitamins!
We miss our resident love so badly!
Hope to see her the soonest in the public eyes once more!

credits: snowflakej16 and vanilla96 of soompi
           hyunmin thread in baidu