Sunday, March 13, 2011

CHOICEs Ep.3 ~ Kim Hyun Joong & Jung So Min & Kim Nam Gil ~mini-movie~

And I love this!!!


MinMin's Cyworld Status Update 13Mar!

Today is the supposed Playful Kiss Japan Fan Meeting.
And since, its cancelled MinMin changed her Cyworld status!

Below is the screencap!

And her status is 힘듦, with the skeleton beside the status.
If you use google translate the hangul it means "cumbersome".
Cumbersome means difficult to handle and troublesome!
(Thank unnie Mhel for the meaning of cumbersome!)

Well, maybe MinMin is sad about the PK Japan FM cancellation!
What ever it is that you find troublesome MinMin,
we do hope that you find solution for that the soonest!

The Minnies are just here for you!

screencap: jeankaycee
credit: jungsomin cyworld


So Min's InStyle Behind the Scene Pics!

As MinMin have a new magazine gig for Vogue this April as you got some glimpse
 of her from our posts.
For now we got some Behind the scene pictures of her InStyle magazine cover last July 2010.

Below are the Behind the scene pics!

During this photoshoot, MinMin still channels the Hong Mo Nae vibe!
I think during this time MinMin is not yet officially announced as the one 
who will play as Oh Hani.

But still, this photooshot is one of my most favorite photo shot of MinMin!

Again, hoping for more magazine spread for MinMin! ^_^

credits: may of
           instyle magazine


Play Kiss Making Part 2!

Most of us already seen most of the BTS and the making of Playful Kiss!
But as Playful Kiss is being promoted to Japan for its airing, many more BTS 
and the Making was being released.

The Part 1 of the Making of Playful Kiss was already posted here so here's comes the Part 2!
The Part 2 focuses on Oh Hani side!

 Let's watch it PKissers!

Watching BTS and the Making of Playful Kiss, makes you realize how far the Playful Kiss 
have become from having not-so-good-viewers to being a YouTube phenomena!

Its really a good feeling that more and more countries are falling in love with Playful Kiss!
I hope that Playful Kiss continue to conquer the hearts of many people!

credits: vanilla96 of soompi
            Sraki2 of youtube

HyunMin GIF's Part 5!

To bring smile to our faces as we move on after the cancellation of the 
Playful Kiss Japan Fan Meeting our dearest friend squishiee
 again her wonderful GIF's to us!

I squee with glee as I saw the GIF's she made as if came from my favorites pictures 
and scenes from Playful Kiss!

Below are the squee worthy GIF's!

I'm really missing them so much!
I just hope that we can still get the glimpse of them together again!
A HyunMin can wish right?

credits: squishiee of