Monday, January 10, 2011

The HyunMin 'Hit" it!

Well, as a viewer, If I'm watching any scenes or BTS of my our favorite OTP I always look forward to all the spazz moments that can really bring unlimited giddiness and excitement.

And as a HyunMin myself, whether admit it or not, we do try to watch their every move and interactions with an eagle eye.To decipher any possible spazz interactions between them. 

Well, as I watched and re-watched all the Playful Kiss BTS, I'ved noticed (actually I'm not the only who took notice of it) one thing, our dear MinMin seem to have the habit to pat or playfully hit Kim Hyun Joong in the arms whenever they have done something wrong or got NG or just clearly playing around.

Personally, I do have that habit as well but I usually do that when the person is close to me or whom I'm comfortable with. So, I think (I hope I'm right, hehehehehe) that MinMin was comfortable around Hyun Joong for her to be less guarded. And as Hyun Joong mentioned in the Playful Kiss Fan Meeting that he and MinMin got closer during filming for a long time, right? So, its kinda safe to say that they have a good working relationship and they were comfortable with each other.

If you don't understand what I mean, just let me show you thru pictures.

This were during the Playful Kiss series:

Its one of their first few scenes and yet MinMin already pats Hyun Joong!

I love how they laugh together!

I think Hyun Joong were showing his goosebumps
but MinMin playfully hits him! Hehehehe!

These two pics come from my favorite BTS!
I love how they just laugh around, especially MinMin!
 It seems that they really enjoy what they were doing.

Hyun Joong jokes that he got tired from practicing the carry scene
with MinMin and she responseded by trying to hit him! Heh!

 This were during the YouTube Edition:

When Hyun Joong got NG, usually MinMin pats his arm!

Even though sleepy and tired from filming these
two can still manage to laugh their NG!

Laughter usually erupts when they didn't make the scene right!
And MinMin's pat to Hyun Joong's arm seem as a usual sight!

Well the pat was not only for the arm but for the legs as well!

The pat comes right after they whispered to each other.
I wonder what they were whispering about?
HyunMin please care to share!

So cute!!! Hyun Joong while MinMin happily feeds him!

I did convince myself just to put few pictures coz if I will include all pictures 
this post may take forever to finish.
If you can't seem to see clearly for some of the pics just go and watch the BTS
 and you also might notice a thing or two as well!

Happy spazzing HyunMins! Til next time!

credits: youtube