Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jung So Min's FLAWLESS Clinique Photo

So Im totally obsessed with her Clinique photos, and I must say, she is a GODDESS. Her face is sooooo flawless, I want to get her look right away!

Credit: Clinique_KR

Aint she a beauty?

Jung So Min's Translated Message!

Remember the message that MinMin left in her Cyworld few days after her birthday? 
Its in Korean right?
Well, thanks to tlbpc, now we do have a much better translation of that said message.

So, Minnies below is the translated message.

Dearest please read

A few days ago, 16th was my birthday
Not that I purposely forget the date
I am also not the purposely prepare for birthday type
As long as there are talking and laughing on that day is good enough.
Em...there was a little bit of difference from before
That's showing gratefulness to my parents by giving them presents.
They gave birth to me and brought me up, although unable to comfort their hearts' feelings of displeasure but it's precious and there's nothing better than that..keke^^ very shy because it's the first time but it seems like from now onwards I have to do that for every birthday.
Very blessed (You should also try! Recommended +-+)
Ah...let's chat casually
I am the type that's not very good at expressing myself
Don't know how should I write
The presents that you have sent me
Have all been received well ~~
Some are from nearby places and some are from places overseas far away
Really didn't know there are so many of you celebrating my birthday.
I feel very blessed as I feel it from my heart
There's a much taller than me strong size teddy bear~
To sleep with it at my side without moving as protector I would definitely not have any nightmares^^ haha
It's shy to say that from birth till now it's the first time I receive such a huge bouquet of flowers.^^
I have also seen all your photographs and birthday cards stickers
But how were these made to be so pretty and meaningful~? ?
I like very much seeing everyone's photographs as compared to writings ^^
Because that's especially especially (tlbpc's note - MinMin emphasized twice) if we are like neighbours +-+...
Especially the cute Seong Jo and Ha Ni wedding stuff toys are such a surprise and I had a good laugh..keke..
But isn't the Ha Ni wooden puppet head a little tilted too high?
Ah no, having the sense of being is very good ^^ spending hardworking effort in making the photo CD and with background music of  "Love You", "Me Too" (tlbpc's note - It's direct translation from Chinese, it may have names probably fans know better which I don't)
Two very beautiful photographs.  Also there is a cute pink teddy bear, oh so pretty
An uncle has make a necklace with my name on it
Say wishes for Happy Birthday then ^^
I should be writing my school homework now but I want to scann some photos to include as authentication but there's no one to write my homework for me, day and night I have to snap the photos myself, +-+
On the 12th, the Japan event schedule was cancelled
I wanted to say something but I don't know how to say it
May the date be re-arranged at the fastest
Hope that everything would be stablised
Earnestly hope that everyone would have happiness
Before I say thank you, it's rather random not properly written but just joking chit chats,
I hope you would forgive me for that
Many blessings+-= ah!
I love you all, everybody be healthy huh

From Min ^^ 

There you have it Minnies! Again thannks to tlbpc of soompi!
This Thank you message was the last update of MinMin thru her Cyworld.
I hope that one of these days she could update her Cyworld just to let the Minnies know that she is doing well.
We miss you MinMin!

           jungsomin's Cyworld
           tlbpc of soompi

HyunMin GIF's Part 9!

Since both of them are busy doing their own thing,
 MinMin is back in school and Hyun Joong is busy preparing for his solo album, 
seeing them together for a new project might take a while.

So, for now lets enjoy some GIF's from their BTS courtesy of 
the ever wonderful squishiee!

The night before:

*Sigh, HyunMin!!! The HyunMins misses you alot!
Still hoping to see you together even just off screen!