Thursday, May 19, 2011

Playful Kiss - Seungjo & Hani - So Much Love MV!

Well, the news about the adorable couple of Playful Kiss have slow downed 
so its time for some video!
An anon from the chatbox of this blog have shared this video, 
and it gives us a bit closer look at the end kiss on the PK YT episode 7.

Let's have a look!

Its great to get to see the kiss in the end a little bit closer! 
And besides I love episode 7 of YT episodes are one of my favorite 
because in this episode Seung Jo goes out of his way to please Hani!
 Love love love it!

credit: totfeet of youtube

Another Batch of BTS for MV Take of Jung So Min

Since its a quiet day for the Minnies as So Min seems to be back to school. 
So we are back in checking out So Min's old projects! 
Now we got some BTS pictures that we haven't posted yet from the MV of Take.

Below are the pictures!

Well there you have it! I really miss So Min!
 I wanted to see her again in the small screen or if even possible in the big screen! 
Her wonderful talents are surely missed by her fans!

credits: snowflakesj16 of soompi