Sunday, July 3, 2011

So Min's Playful Kiss BTS from the Making DVD!

I know we got so many goodies from MinMin's SK II CF and we all love it!
But its time for some other stuff related to MinMin just like Playful Kiss!
Our dear friend snowflakes of soompi did share some PK DVD the Making scenes 
that features MinMin!

Below are the videos!

Script Reading!

Hani Practices Tennis!

Noodle Crying Scene!

Han River Scene -Kyorhon Hagoshipo

You all knew how I love Playful Kiss!
 So imagine my smile as I watch these BTS!
Thanks again snowie for sharing them to us! 
So please Aug. 02 PK FM in Japan you have to push through, okies! 
We terribly miss our ever adorable PK OTP!

credit: snowflakesj16 of soompi

Jung So Min's Photos from SK II Event Part6!

And we are back again in SK II Event pictures!
I can't get enough of her beautiful outfit for the said event!
From the hairstyle, the make-up, the dress and of course her to-die for shoes!
Well, enough of my rantings!

Batch 6!

The guy from the first pic must be so happy!
He was such a lucky guy being so close to MinMin like that!
Well, I think its safe to say that all of MinMin are sure happy 
that we will see more of MinMin!

credits: snowflakesj16 of soompi

Jung So Min's Old Pics from Hazy's!

Let's have a breather from MinMin's SK II Event pictures as are still coming!
But now will give some old Hazy's pictures that we haven't posted yet!

Below are the pics!

I really love her Hazzy's endorsement pictures! 
Such lovely pictures and bags!
Hope she will have new ads this coming months!

credits: mijoo-pearl of soompi

Jung So Min's Photos from SK II Event Part5!

And here's more pictures! Its so many!!! And so happy about it!
So here's batch 5 my dear Minnies!

Batch 5!

Phew! That's a lot of pictures! But no complaints here!
 I wish that in her next projects it will be like this!
Its well documented and really have great release of pictures and other stuffs!

credits: snowflakesj16 of soompi

Jung So Min's SK II Cf Translation!

We did see the cute SK II Cf of MinMin yesterday!
And now we do have the translation for the said CF!


25-year-old new employee Jung So Min.
(Today it my first day at work)
So Min please..
(Yes, manager)
(Working day not like my imagine..always busy... busy so much)
So Min ssi, where's the file?
Yes, it here!

(Busy and always eating fastfood)
Thousand of skin cells are dead..
My skin looks dry.
The younger why not getting an alliance?
(with SK-II product - Pitera Essence)
Two projection which waiting in Japan..

along the ages pases~~
 stay a fresh and always blinking-look
that's good...
Tomorrow, I will cook a yummy spaghetti.
25-year-old Jung So Min
Start from Now on...

Thanks again Pearl! We do owe alot for the wonderful translations that you are providing!
Well she is really looking fresh and so beautiful in her CF!
                                         Now I'm wishing to see her in person! As in now!

 I wanted to see that beauty in person!
*pouts...But in the obvious real time reason I can't, 
hehehehe! Still need to do lots of things if I wanted to fly to Korea!
So for now will be contented with her projects!

credits: ngochuyen151287

Jung So Min's Photos from SK II Event Part4!

I did tell that its really pouring MinMin's goodies, right?
Well here is another batch for her SK II Event pictures!

Batch 4!

I have this huge happy smile on my face as I do postings for this blog!
There are so many MinMin goodies!
Love every piece of it!
Promise their will be more!

credits: snowflakesj16 of soompi
Review Star

Translation for So Min's Raffine Message!

As we all know that MinMin  left a message on her Raffine fan site 
and thanks to our dear friend Pearl, now we do have its translation!

Her message!

Posted Image

The English Translation!

Everyone in Raffine family,

Long time no see, how was you all?
It's rainy season now, are you ok?
SK-II Event today, to Raffine family who participated, thank you so much.
The yummy lunch which you all give to me, its so decilious (Especial the fruit I like+_+), the flowers and the shoes, all of gift...
Many many thank you...
Today, I am extreme moved by everyone, tears cannot stop, fall like a waterfall.
I have no news but Raffine family always waiting and support me, I know everyone must very tired.
You can see I am losing weight, it because I want try my very best on the next drama, the one which I'm very serious and serious choose.
I hope everyone who always waiting for me can see my good shape.
It's the raining season now, please don't forget to bring the umbrealla with you when go out, and please always smile in happiness...
Good bye everyone, see you later ~~

Thanks again Pearl! MinMin is really such a wonderful girl! 
She was greatly touched by the things that her Raffine family prepared for her!
Thanks Raffine for making MinMin felt special! 
Telling us to take care while we wait for her return!
Surely we will do that MinMin as we are all excited to see your next project!
Love you MinMin!


Jung So Min's Photos from SK II Event Part3!

The pictures are continues to pour in! 
But there are no complaints about that!
 For me the more the merrier for MinMin's pictures!

Below is the other batch of pics!

Super SORRY!!! For the kinda lateness of the postings!
Been out and about yesterday to give support to the album launching 
here in my country of the better half of HyunMin so I'm kinda late today! 

But today will be more goodies from our resident love MinMin! Today is all about her!
I really envy those fans who came to the SK II event! I really wish I could come there!
Oh well, at least I got to see pictures of her!

credits: snowflakesj16 of soompi