Monday, January 24, 2011

Playful Kiss - Hugs & Kisses

I SOOOOO miss Ha Ni and Seung Jo!!! I miss HYUNMIN!! I miss Playful Kiss!

Credit: The SilentSekai

HyunMin GIF's Part 2!

I know how you love the adorable and sweet GIF's of our favorite Playful Kiss couple. 
So just to spoil all the HyunMins here are the part two of the lovely GIF's.

And big thanks who made these wonderful and spazz worthy GIF's, 
you guys are really the best!

Credit goes to and opiod0101 of soompi.

I yelled in glee as Baek Seung Jo piggybacked Oh Hani not
because he was prodded to do it but because he wanted to!

You're so sneaky Seung Jo!!!!

One of the sweetest backhug I've ever seen in a K-drama!
I love it!

It's Oh Hani's turn Baek Seung Jo!

This scene is so cute!!!

Need to say more?

To be honest, every time that I watch or see these scenes from Playful Kiss 
it never fails to make me feel happy and giddy even though 
I did watch it like a hundred of times already!
I think thats the magic of Playful Kiss, it never let you forget
 the emotions that you feel while watching it!