Saturday, January 22, 2011

(Video) Jung So Min at Asia Model Award Red Carpet

Sorry for the last post.. I did not know what happened wrong that the vid did not show up..My bad..

Love the shoes!


More Pics and Video from the Red Carpet

Thanks to snowflakesj16 of soompi for uploading this red carpet video and more pics to look at!
The Minnies are sure so happy these days!!
Jung So Min galore!!

Here are the pics!!!




Here is the video!

Actually I felt like I already used all the possible adjectives to describe how beautiful So Min is so Minnies just bask at this beauty ok?

credits: snowflakesj16 at soompi

Video of So Min's Red Carpet at 2011 Asia Model Festival

Did some one ask for the video of MinMin in the Red Carpet? Well here it is!

And as usual, MinMin carried herself with poise and grace!
I love it!

And will say that there is more to come!

credits: mr bongnhua of youtube and hoangthao2011 of soompi, spot TV

Jung So Min at Asia Model Awards Red Carpet

Miss ya gurl!!!

And I love the shoes.. as usual! ^^

Credit: lovesomin

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"Little Fairy"...MinMin!

I guess some of you are wondering why did I call MinMin "little fairy" in my post for her attendance in 2011 Asia Model Festival.

Well, its because when I first saw her pictures, one character immediately pops into my head. Any guess who is it? Well its Tinker Bell!
For anyone who doesn't know Tinker Bell, let me introduce her to you guys, Tinker Bell is the little fairy friend of Peter Pan (well, I think all of you knows Peter Pan).

To make my self more clearer lets see the comparison of MinMin and Tinker Bell!

This is Tinker Bell! Adorable isn't she?




-PRETTY GLOW -CHECK (it should be beautiful glow!)

Even though MinMin didn't wear such an elaborate dress for this event as she did for MBC Drama Awards, still its very evident that MinMin really knows how to carry herself well. 
She looks so graceful, full of confidence and her glow doesn't seem just to come
 physically but from within as well.

I do hope MinMin would continue to make waves not only to the TV and movie scene but to the fashion scene as well!

Maybe its time that "Little Fairy" MinMin uses her fairy dust!

credit: mijoo-pearl from soompi for the pic

More 2011 Asia Models Festival Pics

I really love when MinMin goes to an event because it means will be seeing more of her. 
Many pictures of her are surfacing and the Minnies are having a field day!

Below are her other pictures from the event!

MinMin looking so pretty and look at that gems!
Hmmm, where is the date of this beauty?

So Min looking so happy while accepting the award!

MinMin wins along with Lee Tae Sung!

She looks fantastic in natural looking make-up!

So graceful as ever!

With Lee Tae Sung in the audience!

MinMin really does have such flawless skin!

Closer look of her luminous skin!
MinMin with Lee Tae Sung!
LTS: Aren't you feeling cold?
MinMin: No sunbae.

Can you spot where is MinMin?

Again, MinMin congratulations!! 
You deserve it!!!

Aja! Fighting MinMin!!!

credits:, mijoo-pearl of soompi