Sunday, August 7, 2011

MinMin's Cyworld Update 07Aug!

Its such a happy Sunday! As our princess updated her Cyworld today 
with her Japan pictures and some background change as well!

Below are the pics!

팔랑팔랑 in japan
                                                         팔랑팔랑하니까 흔들려....ㅠㅠ


이 붙이고 싶었던 날~

Her new Cyworld background!

Thanks MinMin for sharing some of your pictures from Japan!
I bet you did have a great time as the Japanese fans truly loves you! 
Well with your lovely personality and beautiful face who wouldn't fall in love with you?
Really love this girl! So lovely, so effortless!

credits: jungsomin's cyworld
mijoo-pearl of soompi

Playful Kiss: Honeymoon MV!

I know most of you are still having giddy smiles and moony eyes 
as you remember the fun times in the latest fan meeting 
of our adorable Playful Kiss OTP!
Well now lets continue to reminisce the happy times care off from this MV!

Enjoy it guys!

I like this fanvid because it includes the happy and fun times of the behind the scenes!
You can really see how happy and fun the atmosphere while they were filming the scenes!
That why the scene itself were beautifully done! Love every bits and pieces of it!

credit: ckwphoenix of youtube