Thursday, December 23, 2010

Scans from Baek Seung Jo Dairy (Part 1-High School)

We all fell in love to the Dairy of Baek Seung Jo right? This is where we get to know the other side of the robot-boy-genius, what are the things that runs to his head and his feelings as well. And also, this is where we got to know the real score about him liking Oh Hani. 

So below are the scan pictures from the Baek Seung Jo Dairy.This part 1 are pics from High School part. Some of these are never been seen so enjoy! 

Spazz galore HyunMins, Hyunnies and of course Minnies!

One of my favorite high school scene of these two!
Gosh! Seung Jo! Please just be honest that you're proud of her! 
Their bickering was so cute to watch!

So adorable! 

Why so serious Seung Jo yah?

They seem to have a great time "studying"!


This is the Prince but where is the princess?



Baek Seung Jo can't seem to get enough to tease Oh hani!
Saving Oh Hani is your fate in life my dear Baek Seung Jo!


The Kiss that "started it all"!

credits to: kathy's bench and