Thursday, January 6, 2011

PK MV-As Far As The Truth

All of us is missing our lovable Playful Kiss couple, Baek Seung Jo and Oh Hani.
And since we are missing them, some of the PKissers can't help but to reminisce their wonderful moments.

So, angelicaknows from soompi did this beautiful MV, it captures almost all the great moments our Seung Jo and Hani shared.

Enjoy it guys!


credit: angelicaknows of soompi

PK Notebook!

Well, it seems like Group 8 wants us to be poor because as we all know the are tons of PK merchandise already release and the PK notebook is added to that list.

With all the great PK pics included in the notebook whose PKissers would want to miss it?

What do I mean by great PK pics, here's the pics that I'm raving about!

Credit:, kathy's bench
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I totally LOVE this pic!

Posted Image

Aigoo, if I but all PK merchandise where will I put all that same stuff?

Take BTS Pics!

Seeing MinMin  do other projects made me excited specially if that project was made with one of the Korea's favorite actor So Ji Sub! The project was a MV for Take by Seo In Guk.

I do think they work well together and look good on screen as well.(HyunMins please don't throw tomatoes on me, I'm just saying it in a professional level only!) I do hope in the future they work in a much better project together.

We already saw the MV of  Jung So Min with So Ji Sub for the song Take by Seo In Guk.
And below are the pictures from the BTS of Take!

Posted Image
MinMin as usual looks so beautiful!
And So Ji Sub is dashing as well!

Posted Image
The two seems to be ready for action!

Posted Image
I wonder where MinMin is?
As if we couldn't spot her!

Posted Image
Can't really tell who the guy is but I think he's part of the production
MinMin is always picture perfect!

Hopefully in the near future we could see more projects from MinMin. I love to see her exercise her acting chops once more.

See you again MinMin! 

credit: vanilla96 of soompi,

Look of LOVE?

Again, Please be reminded that this post is reserved to all the HyunMins. You have been warned.

They say that the eyes are the mirror of our soul. Our eyes is the best conveyors of our feelings. Sometimes just by looking in the person's eyes you could see and know how the person is feeling without saying a word. Personally, I do believe in that because the words the can come out in our lips can be a lie but the truth in our eyes can't be denied.

And speaking of expressing one self through the eyes it reminds of HyunMin so much. I know most of the HyunMins are still spazzing about the recent photos that were posts here and in the other sites that likes our adorable Playful Kiss couple.

But seeing these pictures makes me feel nostalgic and suddenly remember that I'ved seen those looks before.
To know what I mean lets go and see below.

In the Playful Kiss filming

This is one of scenes from the BTS of Playful Kiss
I wonder why KHJ is staring at MinMin, is there something in her face?
I doubt it!
Well, If I'm also in his shoes I might be staring at that beauty as well!

I know you need to look in love for the drama
but just looking at this photo makes me think that you're already are.

This picture alone is spazz worthy already!
Do I need to elaborate?
How cute it is that MinMin was staring at Hyun Joong?

In the Youtube Playful Kiss Presscon

Even their eyes are laughing!

I love how Hyun Joong's smiles while MinMin was talking
Maybe she's saying great things about Hyun Joong?

I love how MinMin looks at him!
As if she's saying something that Hyun Joong can't help but smile!

And this is what I call the Look of Happiness
Hyun Joong seem so happy to be with MinMin at that moment
You can clearly see the fondness for her in this eyes and smile!

The MBC Drama Awards

Hyun Joong just keep on giving our MinMin simple glances

He gives a simple glance and she returns it with a simple smile!

Quiet smiles and simple laughter says all the things that can't be said!

Did I say that this is one of my most favorite HyunMin pic?
If not, then I'm saying it now
Because it captures one simple moment yet so meaningful,
The look in Hyun Joong's eyes says it all....
And for me that's what I call the look of.......

Its fun to see those pictures again, looking at these makes me realize that even though I first fell in love with them as Baek Seung Jo and Oh Hani in Playful Kiss but in the end
To whom I invested my love and support are with Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min.
And it's all worth it!

Thank you Playful Kiss for giving us Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min!!!

credits: vinnie for the screencaps, kathy's bench, slowdal, mbc