Sunday, February 20, 2011

CHOICEs ~ Kim Hyun Joong & Jung So Min & Kim Nam Gil ~mini-movie~ Teaser

Can I just say this fanmade movie trailer is just too awesome??? I feel like this is too true! And Kim Hyun Joong looks utterly handsome when jealous???

Way to go Minmin! (kekeke)

Credit: Gryzek5MV

Playful Kiss Japan Promo!

As I said before the Japan PKissers are so lucky!
They are having all the best aboutPlayful Kiss!

And they also got the great wave of promotion for Playful Kiss!

Below is another promo teaser!

I'm so positive that Playful Kiss would do great in Japan as they are given all the 
possible promotion they could have. 

Still, to all the PKissers in Japan don't forget to show your
 love and support for Playful Kiss!

credit: fumikhj0606 of youtube
kathy's bench

Playful Kiss - The Way You Look At Me

Its Playful Kiss MV/Fanvid time once again!

I found this MV of Playful Kiss which features the song The way you look
 at me by Christian Bautista.

I already love the song itself so when I did see this MV I can't help but smile 
because I'm hearing a good song while watching my favorite couple!

Let's all look and listen guys!

After I watched and listened to the MV, I've come to realize that the song 
also suits wit the love story of Baek Seung Jo and Oh Hani!

Both of them see each other in a different light, Hani seeing only Baek Seung Jo 
as the love of her life even though at first Seung Jo is such a robot boy genius with low EQ.

While on the other hand, Seung Jo seeing Hani as his own personal burden
 like a math problem he needed to solve but in the end that
 personal burden turns into feelings.

Woah! I think I analyze the song too much! Hehehehe! ^_^

Til the next MV PKissers!

credit: momopor of youtube

HyunMin Together Again?

Well, sadly not yet...*pouting....*still pouting

As we haven't seen our dearest HyunMin together in one location since MBC Drama Awards some of our HyunMins can't help but miss them.

And with that here are some pictures made by mijoo-pearl and GIF 
made by snowflakesj16 both from soompi.
These pictures and GIF represent the seem "likeness" of the HyunMin couple!

Lets have a look HyunMins! ^_^

Breathing the same air?

Walking the same path?

Looking at the same beauty?

Hearing the same waves?
Having the same feeling?

I just wish we can really see them do and share things together!
It would be such a great treat for all the HyunMins!

We miss you HyunMins! 
We are looking forward in seeing you in March 13!

credits: mijoo-pearl and snowflakesj16 of soompi