Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Ten Favorite PK Scenes: Oh Hani and Baek Seung Jo Edition!

As my preparation for the Playful Kiss 1st Anniversary,
 I'm currently re-watching Playful Kiss and because of that
 wonderful memories came rushing in! So Minnies kinda prepare yourselves 
because we will go back to memory lane as we celebrate the little drama
 that touched our hearts in so many ways!

So I made a list of my favorite scenes of our adorable OTP, Oh Hani and Baek Seung Jo!

Seung Jo saving Hani from Weird Pervert! - I love this part because its the few signs that showed that Seung Jo started to care about Hani! He may take it as annoyance but hey in our eyes we know its not the case! ^_^

Chasing under the Tree -They were so adorable while Seung Jo was chasing Hani for his girl childhood pic! I can't help but just be giddy just be watching it especially when Seung Jo cornered Hani in the tree and pretend he's gonna kiss her! So cute!

Oh Hani poking Seung Jo's butt! -This was supposed to be a little revenge of Hani to Seung Jo as Seung Jo doesn't know that Hani was the one in the Fart King costume! But Hani's little advantage was cut off as she fell down and needs Seung Jo's help to get up! Soon Seung Jo discovered that Hani was the one in the costume! So adorable when he pinched her cheek!!! 

Musical date! -They looked so freaking good as complementing in their clothes for the "accidental date" that Mama Baek has planned. And I love this part because this was the time when Hani gave something Seung Jo to look for...something to make him happy to be able to live a happy life and bring happiness to others. 

Hurtful Banters (Episode 13) - I love this part because it reflects the feelings of Seung Jo towards Hani, how hard Seung Jo tries to be so right in choosing whats best for his family and trying to ignore his feelings for Hani even though it kills him. And for Hani how hard she tries to move on as Seung Jo has decided to take the what he thought the right thing to do. The whole scene was full of hurtful words and conflicting feelings! Damn that scene alone makes me cry!

Kiss in the Rain- Do I need to say more why I love scene? Its the confirmation that we were all been waiting for! Seung Jo loves Hani, no more no less! Company be damn but Seung Jo will not let go of Hani! And it didn't help that the kiss itself was worth waiting for! 

Hold Hands - Its part of the big scene where Seung Jo announces to the family that he wanted to marry Hani but what really made me all so giddy was the part when Seung Jo holds her hand, its an affirmation that he will  the take this with Hani until the end! 

Balcony backhug- Again, no need to explain further! Just knowing that Seung Jo was really serious about his confessions to Hani and that he's willing to show it. It makes all the hurt, the wait and effort of Hani all worth it!

Honeymoon- Matching pajamas, couch, princess lift, bed and lots and lots of kisses! That's all thank you! ^_^

Restaurant hug- I love that hug in the restaurant because its a testament that whatever happens Seung Jo will never leave Hani and that whatever storm or problems might happen Seung Jo will always wait for Hani and Hani really did found her home in Seung Jo!

Kiss in the car- A hot kiss in a lovely car and a voluntary I love you from Seung Jo made me love this scene!  Because we all know Seung Jo was not the verbal type who rarely expresses his feeling thru words so its refreshing to hear the words I love you from him! 

That's all folks! That's the list of my fave Playful Kiss scenes! 
I do hope I have same faves as yours!
Now I'm off again in re-watching!  See yah around PKissers! 
Love love love!!!