Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jung So Min for Stylish Summer Events!

Yipee!!!! I think now that school year in Korea is ending, we would see more 
of our dearest Minmin! Can't wait for her "comeback"!

Below is her July 01 activity for CECI and SK II!

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Jung So Min will attend Stylish Summer Events in 01 July from 8am.

July 01, Stylish Summer Events-Stylish Beauty event will be held at COEX MEGABOX, 

Hall M. This event organized by fashion magazine CECI and SK-II.

Jung So Min will attend this event with 4 young stars: Kim So Hyun, Lee Jong Hyuk, Seo Ji Hye and Yoon Seung Ah.

Hopefully in the coming months MinMin would be more visible to the small and big screen! Especially now that it seems that she will be promoting SKII!
If that would be the case then surely I'll be such a happy camper!

mijoo-pearl of soompi

So Min Sponsor Pics Part 4!

Well, as we wait for the princess to come out of her castle and grace us in her presence, 
we do have some pictures from her sponsors!

Below are the pics!



In the last picture MinMin is looking so slim! But pretty as ever!
I wonder if this pic came from a CF filming? 
Well, whatever it is, still I love the pic!
Please MinMin, we do hope to see you the soonest!
We terribly miss you!

credits: snowflakesj16 of soompi