Sunday, April 10, 2011

MinMin Cyworld Update Apr 09 Part 2!

We did post about the Cyworld update of MinMin yesterday which 
was about her Background.
And she also did change the title of herCyworld!

Below is the screencap!

Her Cyworld title now says please wait. 지금만나러갑니다"
If we do google translate for the Hangul it means "I'm going to meet".
Also, as per Unnie Virginia, the Hangul part means " I am going to meet you now"
I really don't know what MinMin's pertaining to but
 I really hope that whatever she or we are waiting its about her future projects!
really missing her seeing in the small screen!
Well lets just wish for the best for MinMin!

credits: jungsomin's cyworld
snowflakesj16 of soompi
unnie virginia-translation