Sunday, January 30, 2011

BTS Pics and Video of Playful Kiss

Well, its raining Playful Kiss BTS!!!

I think the drama gods knows how much we missed Playful Kiss so its an
 answered prayer for all the PKissers!
But seriously I think this in also in line with PK to be aired in Japan thats why there
are so many BTS that is coming into our way.

Well thanks to our PK fairy Ockoala for the BTS pics and video that she posted in her blog.
Below are the pictures and video from MNet Japan.

The BTS pictures came from the episode 6.

Cuteness oveload whenever these two are together!

What I love in the scene that they are shooting was the smile that Seung Jo gave!
That smile was really epic!

We know that MinMin is not that tall, so they used platform for her scenes with Hyun Joong!

Preparing for the scene...

Readying for the shot....

So cute!!! Sharing an umbrella!

I love seeing them laughing and seems like having a great time even the filming was tiring!

The BTS Video!

Well, there you have it!!
I know ther will be more to come so stay tune PKiseers 'coz for sure we are in a treat again!

Again, Minnies, Hyunnies, HyunMins and PKissers in Japan please support Playful Kiss!

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BTS Pics for Playful Kiss Part 2!

Well after giving you a dose of Bad Guy BTS, now its time for your dose of Playful Kiss BTS! 
I would never be tired of saying how much I miss the "lid and the pot" couple of Playful Kiss, 
Baek Seung Jo and Oh Hani or just simply the  HyunMin.

Luckily some of HyunMin/Minjoong shippers are great when it comes for searching
 anything related to them. They found some pretty much spazz worthy pics as usual! 
So to those hardworking HyunMin/Minjoong shippers a big "Thank You"!

This was from episode 9!

Shooting for the impromptu "date" of Seung Jo and Hani! 

Seung Jo yah, what are looking at? Hmmm....

The couples tee looks so good in them!

Really love it seeing MinMin smiles during BTS especially when Hyun Joong is around!

The princess is sleeping already! Why the prince is still wide awake?

Laughter galore! Hyun Joong seems not to mind that the
 legs of MinMin was all around him!
MinMin can't help but laugh!

Talking happily while waiting to shoot!

The famous "blanket" picture, we did post this already but this is
much bigger and more close up version!

Another jeju pic!! Did I say that I love all of their jeju pics!!!
They genuinely looks happy!
 So sweet to look at!

I wonder why Seung Jo needs explain himself to Hani in this scene?
Love how Hyun Joong looks at MinMin in this picture!
As if he already wanted to kiss her! Hehehehe!

Wah!!! The honeymoon scene BTS pic!!!
Laughing off the nervousness HyunMin?
Can we ask for more BTS pictures of this scene?

Love all that BTS pictures but can we be greedy and ask for more of these?
Please help the PKissers to have the some dose of Playful Kiss love!!!!

Credit : vanilla96 of soompi, Jung So Min (정소민) ♥ The Official Thread@Popcornfor2, 
opiod0101of soompi, Aqiu_0606 of baidu
Source : plkorea

BTS Pics for Bad Guy!

As we wait for a certain Mrs. Baek Seung Jo to grace us with her presence in the coming 
promotion of a certain drama called Playful Kiss,
 a certain Hong Mo Nae would like to take us back to memory 
lane of her first drama called Bad Guy.

Well, even though Jung So Min was not the lead in Bad Guy, she did leave a remarkable
 impression until the end of the drama. 

So Min with Ha Ga In

Now with Kim Nam Gil

I love this picture because So Min looks so young and pretty!

Within less than a year, So Min was a spoiled brat princess like and then turn into an endearing Oh Hani!

The first thing I noticed in this pic was, how flawless So Min is!

So Min with Kim Jae Wook!
I love these two!
They look like adorable siblings!

One of the few things that I love in the character of Hong Mo Nae was the clothes she wears!
So fashionable!

So Min looking so lovely in the dress!
Love it!

Whether you love or hate her in Bad Guy.
 One thing I'm sure of, Jung So Min did one heck of a great job in Bad Guy!

credit:snowflakesj16 of soompi