Messages from Jung So Min

Ever since we created this blog we never thought that MinMin would ever send us a message or even notice the blog for that matter. But luckily the stars is with us as MinMin continues to show her support to the blog by sending us messages!


Somin's Message for Philippine FANS :)

필리핀 팬분들이 제 생일이라구 유기견센타에 기부한 것들... 

유기견 아이들이 정말 행복할거에요~ 맘씨 착한 팬을 둬서 저도 넘 행복합니다❤

필리핀 팬여러분 정말정말 감사하고 사랑합니다! 

아! 모두도 친구들이 행복해서 덩달아 행복할거에요^^

English Translation:

This is what my Philippine fans donated to the dog shelter for my Birthday... 

Abandoned dogs must be happy~ I am So happy with my good heart fans

Thank you Philippine fans, I love you so much! 

Ah!  Modu is happy too because his friends (the dogs at the shelter) are also happy.^^

Trivia: MODU is the name of So Min's Dog. 


Below are the letter and video message from MinMin!

Video Message!

The Letter! (2011)


To, Simply somin blog spot's minnies

Hello this is Somin!
I guess this would be a first letter to my Phillipine fans~
Today I have finally received the CD and the album that you all have made for me for my birthday. ^^
Getting them after 5 months made me excited since it felt like I was celebrating another birthday!

First of all, thank you so much.
Thank you and I truly admire you all.
Doing such a meaningful work on my birthday, I felt so greatful for it. Practicing these wonderful job just for a person like me made me so proud of Minnies.

Free examinations and drugs to cupcakes and gifts... and most of all, spending such a wonderful day with the children these all have touched me greatly. It would have been nice if I was able to be there.
I saw the video clip and tears came down as I watched the kids sing and dance.
How lovely and adorable are they. ^^
Thanks to Minnies I will be remembered as a nice person to them even though I have not done anything to help.
Compared to my fans Minnies, I am a lacking person.... so I'll try harder to become a better one. T.T
The gift was valuable than any of the b-day presents I have gotten before. ^^

Until a few years ago, I had been visiting facilities myself on my b-days.
My parents taught me that I should do a meaningful act on my birthday.
Ever since they have taught me this, on every birthday they took me to facillities and I would spend the day with many children.

It's been years since I haven't visited them.
I went back through the past years and rethought about those years after watching the clip.
Next year I should go visit them.^^
I miss the children~.Someday I wish to open a party for the kids on my b-day. This is a new dream that's occurred to me after Watching Minnies.
Thank you for letting me keep a new sweet dream~

This is just a personal thing but I have been visiting Simply Somin very often ever since I have known about it. ^^
Thank you again for the abundant resources and the posts! Hope to see you soon with more attractive works on screen.
Thank you all for your patience.

I love you the great "Minnies"!!!!

P.S . In addition, to thank all my foreign fans~~~~~~~~~~~
Love you all~~~~~~~~~~~!!^^*


Min-min, we loved you because of your talent, we love you more because of your simple, natural and charming self, but we love you even more because of this... you just showed us how kind-hearted, sweet, and thoughtful you are, and how important we, your Minnies, are in your life.
Just keep it up and hoping to see you in more projects. AJA!