Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ten Things That I find Interesting in Jung So Min!

Well since the news are pretty slow these days
I got myself to look up the pictures and videos of our dear MinMin!
I suddenly think of the things that I love and got me interested in MinMin!
Please be reminded that my list is random and not necessarily a big deal for everyone!

Below is my list!

^_^ Good Soul --I think all the Minnies knows how sweet and kind MinMin is! The way she treats others and her fans are truly admirable! Just what like she mentioned in my letter to us!

^_^ Graceful Aura --This is one of the things that really amaze me in regards with MinMin, we all know that MinMin is such a beautiful lady but with her graceful aura her beauty turns into a such breath taking sight!

^_^ Lack of interest in Earrings!--I have notice this ever since Bad Guy, in her photos you don't normally see her wearing earrings! If she did wear one it would be so small! Wonder why she don't wear one? Any guess Minnies?

^_^ Gorgeous Shoes! --This is one thing that I envy about MinMin, her gorgeous shoes!!! I especially love the shoes she wore in PK FM in Tokyo! Super pretty! Really MinMin? Where do you get those pretty pretty shoes!!!

^_^ Selca Pics --We all know that MinMin loves to take pictures and the pictures that she usually take is Selca pics! And who would not love MinMin's selca pics? She's so freaking adorable in her selca pics! And besides its so personal because its really from MinMin so we feel a little bit closer to her!

^_^ Rawness in acting --MinMin is still considered a newbie in the K-dramaland and in the world of acting but what makes her stand out is her wonderful acting chops! And maybe because MinMin really puts her everything in the roles that she does thats why the result in her acting were really superb!

^_^ Her love for food!--We all saw how she's so well figured but as we also saw in the O'live Travel that MinMin has such a good appetite! Its seems to me that MinMin has good relationship with food!And she eats so cutely!

^_^ Dancing skills!-- This girl surely knows some moves! My jaws literally dropped when I when her videos dancing the traditional Korean dance! And few ballet moves in Bad Guy and Playful Kiss! I really wish to see MinMin dance K-pop style! I think she will nail it!

^_^ Infectious laugh-- I think everyone will agree on this! MinMin's laughter is really infectious! Especially if she laughs her heart out! Her smiles and laughter can truly light up one's day!

^_^Good student--I'm a great believer that education is one of the key of one's success! So when I find out that MinMin is really putting such a great importance to her education I can't help but love her even more! And added factor that our MinMin is quite a smartypants!

As I have mentioned this list is just my random thoughts about our dear MinMin!
Maybe you can share the things that interested you as well!
Would love to hear about it!

Also, again Minnies, if you have any questions, any articles, videos, poets, letters or anything that is about MinMin that you wanted to post or to know just simply email us at, Okies?
See yah around Minnies! Love Love Love!!! ^_^