Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Playful Kiss BTS GIF and Translations!

Whether we admit it or not one of the scene that really made us spazz in the Playful Kiss the Making Part 5 would be the scene where our dearest MinMin was giving Hyun Joong a massage.

And to my delight many did make a GIF of that sweet scene but below is the other version of GIF done by snowflakesj16 of soompi!

And here are the translations for this scene!
This translation was courtesy of Kathy's Bench!
It's from 3:00 to 3:56!

jsm: i'm giving him a massage. i'm giving him a massage cuz i feel sorry...
- it's the first night and you're practicing very hard.
 khj: huh?
- don't you feel fluttery...
khj: no. this is a bit high quality...um..
jsm: high quality?
khj: high quality level...eh...can't find anything to say. let's just pass...it's a scene where it'll get really awkward if it takes too long...so we're practicing thoroughly to finish it in a few shots.
jsm: finish it in one shot.
khj: yes in one shot.
jsm: that felt good?
khj: (slight nod to jsm)
 - when you come to an open space like the oceanside after being in dusty studios, it would feel a little different...
khj: what are you talking about? mbc studios have no dust. what are you saying. mbc studios have no dust.
jsm: lying without even blinking your eyes.
khj: how good is mbc. 

I just really love them!
They are so adorable!
All I can regarding that massage is I LOVE IT

credits: snowflakesj16 of soompi
anon from kathy's bench


MinMin's Random Pics Part 8!

Well, I know that the BTS videos that we posted yesterday did make you smile 
and gives you a feeling of giddiness overload.

For now we will have some breather from giddiness by means of some other adorable
pictures of our resident love MinMin!

Below are her randoms pics which are ranging from her sponsor pic, interviews
 and univesity pics!

So, enjoy it Minnies!

Sponsor Pic!

Interview Pics!

University pics!

There you have it Minnies!
MinMin is really such an adorable one!
Can't get enough of her!

credits: vanilla96 and snowflakesj16 of soompi