Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jung So Min's Interview From Playful Kiss FM Osaka!

[Edited due to credits needed]

Remember the link from tudou that I posted before which contains
an interview of our dearest MinMin from the who-must-be-named-station
that come from the Playful Kiss Osaka fan meeting? 
Well, iamonlyhuman12345 uploaded it in YouTube and 
now tlbpc from soompi provided some translations
 for the interview of MinMin!

Below are the video again and the translations!


Q: How do you feel about KHJ? 
MM: This question, HJ also have to answer too? (MM laughed heartily and clapped her hands together, I wonder why she has such a strong reaction to this question...hmm...quaint isn't it?) 

Q: Won't be 
MM: Ah, then my answer has to change somewhat (MM laughed again....hmm...ask her to talk about HJ, she seem to react in such drastic way....) Although we filmed together for a very long period of time still I can't figure out what kind of a person is he but because I know alot of people like him alot so I too think that could be the his appeal. Even though always get to see him in a playful way but the more I understand him the more I realise actually his thoughts are very deep and also because of this contradiction that's how come he is liked by so many kinds of people. 

Q: Any memories from filming? 
MM: If it's just and HJ the 2 of us alone, should be when we were not that close yet, there was a sleeping scene, he actually fell asleep, I can hear him snoring and it was also due to this that was how we become close. Very happy about it. After that, I also found that whenever there was a break he'd fall asleep because it was really very busy then so just a little bit here and then will want to fall asleep. After a sleep then is able to better grasp the role's character... this he is very interesting. Also there was a scene where actually he was not included, it's the Youtube version with the injection scene, it was a real injection and there was bleeding of blood ...I really feel apologetic....I did it with my eyes closed....till now I still can remember very clearly. (This is exact translation, I think she meant HJ was not suppose to be there but he offer his arm for her to do the injection scene, how touching..) 

Q: Which scene leave the most impression on you? 
MM: Personally, it is the kiss in the rain scene....from the drama point of view it is 2 persons' change in their relationship...a turning point. During the filming of it, it was very difficult because it was very cold and still have to get wet by the rain....I became having indigestion, our Soundman has to use a needle to poke my thumb. As long as it was important scenes there will be many many memories. 

Voice over : Thank you Jung So Min

Again to tlbpc of soompi, thank so much! 
For providing the translations and the YT link, 
Thank you so much! Your effort is gladly appreciated! 

And back to the translations, I like how she described 
Hyun Joong very detailed and deep at some point. 
And seems like both Hyun Joong and MinMin do have the same memorable scene! 
Well, not only them for us as well,  its really one of the best scene in Playful Kiss! 

credits: iamonlyhuman12345 of youtube 
tlbpc of soompi