Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Playful Kiss BTS -Kitten Snore!

Remember in the Playful Kiss Japan Presscon, one of the few things that 
So Min remembers most in filming the drama was filming this the scene 
where Hyun Joong did fall asleep while the scene was being taken.

Well below are the screencaps and video of the BTS of that part!

It's so cute right? Even the PD letting Hyun Joong sleep and 
So Min just making sure that she's done the scene right so they would not disturb 
Hyun Joong's sleep that much was so sweet! 
And the "kitten-snore" description of So Min to Hyun Joong's snore are just too adorable!

credits: citesidn@youtube/dscs
snowflakesj16 of soompi


Jung So Min Pics from Film Frog!

Since MinMin is being lielow after the Playful Kiss Japan events, the Minnies tend to look for something related to her! So now we got some pictures of her, based on jsominchina.com and soompi jung so min thread its comes from the film called Frog. 

Lets have a look Minnies!

I really havent seen the film Frog so I'm curious to see what the film is all about
 and what was the role of MinMin in that film! 
Well, we do hope that we can get the glimpse of the film itself!

credits: jsominchina.com
snowflakesj16 of soompi


Cinemart Roppongi features Playful Kiss Official Goods & Photo Exhibit

And the Playful Kiss mania is far from over! as Cinemart Roppongi still features
 Playful Kiss official merchandise and even have its Photo Exhibit!
Surely, Japan PKissers are so supportive to Playful Kiss and its leads!

Below are the pics from Cinemart Roppongi!

Wow! I think it would be great treat to any PKisser to visit this place!
 Its like a disneyland for PKissers! 
Japan does knows how to give support to Playful Kiss thats 
why I think Playful Kiss is so thankful to them!

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