Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

To all the Minnies, HyunMins, and even Hyunnies around the globe,

Happy New Year Guys!!!

Few hours from now and a new year will be coming upon us.
We wish you all a Peaceful and Blessed New Year!

You guys, the Minnies, HyunMins, and even Hyunnies have been wonderful in supporting this blog and of course our beloved Jung So Min.

You guys really rocks!

Hope for more years of spreading Jung So Min's Love!

With Lots of Love,

simplysomin admins : )

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Let's start the New Year with smile on our face!
God Bless eveyone! MinMin

I wanted to stop posting but I can't, my hands seems to have a mind of it's own when it comes to posting about MinMin. Hahahahahahaha!

Well another batch of pictures from the article of BNTNEWS.

You guys know the drill. Enjoy the pics!

And before I forget, thank you to all of you guys for the wonderful comments that you are showering this blog for MinMin. My frustrations was replaced with gratitude because the Minnies have been wonderful in expressing their support for MinMin. I can't help but be happy because I know win or lose the Minnies are here to stay to support Jung So Min until the end! 

Again, thank you guys! You all rock!

CREDITS: bntnews

More from Jung So Min

My head is spinning with all the updates and pictures/videos of MinMin pouring in but even though,
 I said bring it on.

The more the merrier right? So let's feast again our eyes to the beauty of Jung So Min.

Below are clearer pictures with Lee Tae Sung and another video of her Red Carpet.

Posted Image
 Just click the pic for the link of the Red carpet video.

CREDITS: snowflakesj16 of soompi, cyworld, daumtv.

JSM Red Carpet MBC Drama Awards 2010

Told you guys there are many MinMin updates today.
I think this is our New Year's gift from MinMin.

So below is another red carpet video at MBC Drama Awards uploaded by snowflakesj16.

I suddenly wonder who is her stylist, they should give her/him a raise for coming up with these wonderful ensemble for MinMin.

Love MinMin to pieces that I wanted her to be my little sister!

Can you be my dongsaeng MinMin?

Credit: snowflakesj16 of soompi, SSTV

Jung So Min as Presentor in MBC Drama Awards

Wow, so happy because after a long lull for any MinMin pics and news, she's back!
I must commend all Minnies and even HyunMin for all the awesome updates.
Her gorgeous face is all over the place and complimenting her as such!

So here are her screencaps pics as a presentor for MBC Drama Awards with Lee Tae Sung.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

And as usual, classy as ever!


Jung So Min MBC Drama Awards Video

Its raining Jung So Min!

Its such a busy day for all the Minnies because there are so many pictures and now a video of our lovely MinMin!

This video was her Red Carpet interview at the MBC Drama awards.

                                        Our MinMin was all smiles! Really happy to see her!


Jung So Min in BNTNEWS

So glad that everyone is raving about how beautiful Jung So Min is in the MBC Drama Awards last night.
Even though she didn't win, she did win many hearts as she was so charming and beautiful last night.

Got to see an article from BNTNews, based on the translation they called her "goddess force" I really wanted to post it but the google translation is bit unreliable so will just have to wait for the english version.

But below is her pictures for that article.

So elegant!

Isn't just me or MinMin is just glowing!

The dress was so appropriate for her 

I LOVE the dress and the SHOES!!!
I wanted one for my self!

Graceful as ever!
I know more photos will come so surely our eyes will be feasting this new year.

Stay beautiful Jung So Min!


HyunMin at MBC Drama Awards

Even though our beloved HyunMin didn't win the Best Couple award in the recently concluded MBC Drama Awards but still we can't help ourselves in liking to see them together again. Unfortunately they didn't even walk the red carpet together. 

But even so, some HyunMin shippers can't help to put their pictures together and spazz about it.

And by the way, Kim Hyun Joong did bag the Popularity Award, congratulations KHJ, you truly deserve it!

Also, glad that KHJ's health seem going well! Please take care of yourself more Hyun Joong ah!
We don't want to miss you again!

Posted Image
Aren't both of them looking stunning!
Its like the princess and the prince!

Posted Image
Seeing them sit together brings smile to my face b'coz its been a while to see them together!
I really missed them so much!

Sharing a table, clapping, smiling together!

Hopefully we see more of them together!


CREDITS: honey_ko at soompi, krispink08 at soompi, KIMHYUNJOONGPERFECT@youtube,kapamilyatoh of

Jung So Min...A Different Lady...

As we all know by now, our dearest MinMin didn't got the chance to take home an award from the recent MBC Drama awards.

To be honest about it, as a Minnie I'm sad and frustrated about it because I wanted MinMin to win because I know she clearly deserves it but then I don't have the power to anything about it. So, while browsing youtube to ease up my frustration I stumbled upon this song, What makes you different by Backstreetboys.

When I played and heard this song the first thing that comes to my mind is Jung So Min. This song reflects how Jung So Min differs from the others, her wonderful qualities stood out as she embodies grace, class and maturity in the midst of lost.

Posted Image
Jung So Min, the epitome of grace and class

I love how Jung So Min carried herself at that event. The sweet smile never leaves her beautiful face through out the event. I'm so proud of her for being a true sport.

And because of that the Minnies LOVE you even more Jung So Min! We are here for you no matter what! To the heart of all the Minnies around the globe you are our WINNER!

We know in the near future your STAR will SHINE the BRIGHTEST!


credits: sweetycherrie123 for the video and vanilla 96 of soompi  for the pic.