Thursday, June 16, 2011

HyunMin Fanvid -Just So You Know

If I'm not mistaken I already posted this fanvid before, but I can't help myself to post it
 because first I'm having such a bad LSS (Last Song Syndrome) for this song!
 Its been singing in my head for past few days already!
 And second I really miss HyunMin! 
This is one of my favorite fanvid of the adorable HyunMin and it captured 
the cute and happy moments of these adorable two behind the scenes!

Hope you can sing along as we watch the video!

Well, I suddenly wish its August already!  But hope before August we can see them together even in just few appearances of even just a CF! But I guess I do need to wait for it! 
As they said patience is a virtue! Love you HyunMin!

credit: bubblybrook of youtube