Monday, September 5, 2011

MinMin's Cyworld Update 05Sep!

Finally!!! Our dear princess update us thru her Cyworld!
And the pictures as usual are so freaking adorable!
So below are the pictures so you wont have to wait longer!

Below are the adorable pics Minnies!

팔불출이어도 좋아라

혓바닥 쏙

근데 엄마 폰 베고 자는거 아니에요~

OMG!! I often say that I miss MinMin like crazy but I realized
I almost cried when I saw the Cyworold pictures! 
Emotional much? Yeah I bit! Hahahaha!
But her updated pictures makes all the wait worth it!
The pictures are so freaking adorable!
MinMin as her usual lovely self!
And her dog is so cute!!! 
I suddenly wanted to post a pic of a dog but
 I remember I don't have a pet dog! LOL!
I love every pic in her update!!! 

Thanks MinMin for the wonderful update!
It surely made my day brighter than usual!

a little side comment: What's up with dogs nowadays? People are updating their nowadays. Wonder why?

credits: snowflakesj16 of soompi
jungsomin's cyworld

HyunMin FanFic Video: Terrified

I'm really been in Playful Kiss mode lately due to PK's anniversary!
So, as my usual routine I search thru Youtube and found this video!
At first I thought its only a regular fanvid but it turns out to be a Fanfic!

Below is the video!

The idea of having the FanFic in form of a fanvid is kinda cool,
 don't you think:?
And besides kinda like the story!
Hope for more this kind of FanFic!
And of course a MinMin FanFic!

See yah around Minnies!

credit: lukraini of youtube