Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh Hani's Hair and Expressions!

We all love Jung So Min! And we love her even more as she played the role of the adorable and endearing Oh Ha Ni in Playful Kiss.

So Min portrayal made me fell in love with Oh Ha Ni! So Min with her a bit raw but wonderful actings chops and armed with her hundred of hairstyles and thousands of convincing expressions she fit into the role of Oh Ha Ni as if its been molded only just for her!

And below are the few pictures from Oh Ha Ni's hundreds of hairstyles and thousands of expressions!

Whew! That's kinda alot of pics!
But its for So Min so its ok!

Hope to see more of her in the near future!
Well, ok the soonest the better!
Because we terribly miss you So Min!


HyunMin GIF's Part 7!

I can't believe this is already part 7 of my HyunMin GIF's posting! 
This is already a testament how addict I am to GIF's! LOL!

Well, as I'm already a self confessed, hopeless GIF addict,
 let's just continue what I have started!

Below are GIF's of our beloved HyunMin from Episode 15 of Playful Kiss!
You might alredy seen this also in a form of GIF but not as complete as this one's!

Enjoy it HyunMins and PKissers!

Wahhhhhhhhh! I badly needed a new dose of some HyunMin love!
Hopefully we can see them soon! 


Playful Kiss Fancam Hug in the Rain Scene

Our princess has been quiet these past days and it seems like she celebrated 
her birthday as quiet as possible as well.

As of the moment, I'm done re-watching Playful Kiss, the PK YT webisodes and even BTS!
So its time to re-watch fancams! You see how much I miss the Playful Kiss couple
 I'm even re-watching fancams again!

Below is one of my favorite fancams!
Watch it so you can know the reason why its one of my favorite! ^_^

This fancam was taken for the rehearsal of the famous Kiss in the rain!

Fancams were like the unofficial BTS for the drama!
I love watching fancams because its candid and most of the time some it 
captures actions that escapes the eye of their own cameramen! ^_^

So, til next fancam PKissers!

credits: momopor of youtube

Play Kiss Comic Book- Convenience Store Version

I already did a post regarding the Playful Kiss Comic that would be release in Japan. 
So, now is the actual pictures of the said comic  book!

I, also wanted to get my hands on this comic book!
*Sigh, being an addict PKisser is not easy!
With all great PK goodies! Such a temptation!

credits: mijoo-pearl of soompi