Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random pics

thanks to lovesomin of

these are old pics of MM when she attended the NARS launch last year....
i really love her style...always so simple,  but yet so fresh and elegant....

KHJ did not attend the event...LOL! i guess, the blogger just wanted to make something with them together 

MinMin...we miss you...we hope to see you in one of your projects soon...

MinMin's KT Tech Wallpapers and Posters

Ever since i saw So Min's ads for KT Tech Bricks, I really wanted to have one but unfortunately its not yet available outside Korea.  

I know, I know its sad but ottoke? For now let's just have So Min with her Bricks as our wallpaper!

Below are her cute and adorable wallpapers and posters!

There are so many to choose from, and all of them are so cute and fun!
I guess to accommodate all of them, I need to change my wallpaper everyday!

credits: snowflakesj16, mijoo-pearl of soompi,

MinMin Asia Model Festival Random Pics!

I'm such a happy Minnie as I'm enjoying the many pictures of our dearest MinMin 
from the 2011 Asia Model Festival. 

And there are more!!! Here are pics from cutie patootie's cyworld account.

Now, I can't wait for more red carpet events that MinMin would attend because
 I know it will be another opportunity for her to shine!

Aja! Fighting Jung So Min!

credits: cutie patootie's cyworld account, vanilla96 of soompi