Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random pics

thanks to lovesomin of

these are old pics of MM when she attended the NARS launch last year....
i really love her style...always so simple,  but yet so fresh and elegant....

KHJ did not attend the event...LOL! i guess, the blogger just wanted to make something with them together 

MinMin...we miss you...we hope to see you in one of your projects soon...


  1. KHJ said "In terms of both fashion and make-up, “I prefer a natural and crystal image. As a color, I like beige, white which gives refined, soft and warm image, rather than clear vivid colors such as red and yellow"...ahem, why i felt that he was talking to my little goddess. this is my opinion weehhhhh

  2. @anon.. im thinking the exact same thing!! LOL!!
    so far, MM has been wearing neutral, fresh colors and suddenly, this interview oh my...that's all i can say

  3. woooooh it's spazzing time Minnies!!! i agree with you anon 8.39pm & vinnie. Jung So Min fits the ideal girl in terms of fashion & make-up.