Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Jung So Min in different Persona's

Its a lazy day for news for our lovely Jung So Min. News from her is bit few this past few days, the only thing that I've heard so far is that she will have projects within this year.

Upon hearing that she will have projects for this year makes me anticipate her possible roles in the future. I can imagine her take different roles and make it as her own just like what she did for Playful Kiss.

But my imagination leads me to look for possible roles that I think might suit her or can make her exercise her wonderful acting chops. So, I make a list of the few roles that I would like our MinMin play whether in the big or small screen.

[Edited due to additional commentator's feedback]

ROLE:  Kym in Rachel Getting Married
DESCRIPTION: Kym was just release from rehab and still trying figure out how to reconcile from her family.
WHY I LIKE MINMIN TO PLAY THE ROLE: I think Anne Hathaway and MinMin have one thing in common which is both ladies have certain depth when it comes to acting. I think if MinMin will play this kind of role we can certainly see the deeper side of her and for sure MinMin would nail it.

Can MinMin pull a rebel look and role? I do think so!

ROLE:  Allie in The Notebook
DESCRIPTION: Allie is born in the privilege life who fell in love with Noah a regular guy in summer that transcends thru time. 
WHY I LIKE MINMIN TO PLAY THE ROLE: I personally love the book and the movie, Allie and MinMin seem to have same qualities like being born with good family, good education and great inclination to arts. If she will play the role of Allie I feel she can easily relate to it. And besides The Notebook is considered as one of the sweetest love story so seeing MinMin in love even though just in a movies makes me feel in love as well. 

The Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min version of Kiss in the Rain

The Notebook Kiss in the Rain
ROLE:  Betty in Ugly Betty
DESCRIPTION: Betty is smart. witty and kind secretary in a famous fashion magazine but not so blessed in the fashion sense department.
WHY I LIKE MINMIN TO PLAY THE ROLE: We all see how beautiful and fashionable Jung So Min is so playing quite the opposite will be a challenge for her. How can she make a believable character out of something like Betty will be something I'm curious to see.

                                   From   This to                                        To This.... is it possible?

ROLE:  Trinity in The Matrix
DESCRIPTION: Trinity can be describe in two words Kick As* girl! She's brave, strong, have strong sense of responsibility.
WHY I LIKE MINMIN TO PLAY THE ROLE: I would like to see MinMin try out something different, maybe action can bring additonal flair in her career. And for what we know MinMin can do physical stuff because she plays soccer and dances as well. 

Same right? See I told you! MinMin can make one hell of an action star!

ROLE:  Piper Halliwell in Charmed
DESCRIPTION: Piper is the second sister that comprises the Power of Three, she can freeze time, blown out demons, brews potions and cast a spell while being a wife and a mother of two.
WHY I LIKE MINMIN TO PLAY THE ROLE: Its a curious thing to see So Min play this kind of role because it includes all other aspect of imagination. It'll be sure fun to watch MinMin freeze demons or cast a spell on someone!

                    Can MinMin play the part in the Power of Three?
                                     I'm certain that she can!

ROLE:  Nora in Step Up
DESCRIPTION:  Nora is inspiring to be a professional dancer, she's studying in a school which caters to talented students in the different fields of art. This is where she met Tyler whom someone she needs to work in a dance showcase that can determine their future.
WHY I LIKE MINMIN TO PLAY THE ROLE: We know that Jung So Min can dance, having seen her role in Bad Guy and a video dancing a traditional damnce, so having her play this role will not only showcase her acting chops but we will also see her dancing prowess. I wonder who can play the role of Tyler? We NEED someone who can really bust a move! An "idol" perhaps? Do you have someone in mind? I bet your answer is same as mine! Hehehehehe!

Admit it or not, HE's the guy that your thinking right?
Well, I can't blame you coz HE's really a good dancer!
This is Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum
TRIVIA:  Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum did meet and fell in love because of Step Up and til now they are happily married.  I wonder if this things can also happen to THEM? My shipper heart can wish, right?

 Well, there are my list, what do you think? Can MinMin pull off the possible roles that I mentioned? If you have other roles or characters in mind, please share it with us! Maybe the roles that we suggest is the kind one that MinMin will do in her next project.

We just need to wait and see for the future of Jung So Min!
Til next time Minnies!