Thursday, January 20, 2011

MinMin Cyworld Changes!

As just MinMin uploaded her cute Selca pics last time, this time she changes her background for her Cyworld. The girl in a white and black dress with bunny ears were gone but instead replaced by 3 dancing rabbits and cute little girl having a welcome note.

I got to say that I love the dancing 3 rabbits! its so cute!!!

And some people in soompi says that our MinMin changed her "Happy"
status to "Lonely or Alone".
I wonder what makes her lonely? Well maybe she's missing someone!
Awwwww, hope our dearest MinMin will not be lonely anymore!
Please don't be lonely, your Minnies are sure here for you!

credit: jungsomin cyworld for the image

The Young So Min

Most of us already saw all sorts of pictures from Jung So Min, thru different photoshoots, dramas, CF
 and so much more. But now we are in treat for pictures of MinMin when she was bit younger and before she entered the limelight of the entertainment scene!

She quite a charming lady in the making based on the photos below!

Its fun to see that the younger So Min seems to be playfully, have sunny personality and really does have an inclination in being in front of the camera!