Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MinMin Cyworld Update

thanks to snowflakesj16 of soompi for the tip
credits to shows of for the pics

At Last!!!

It has been a while since we had news of our lovely MinMin
but last night, January 18, at 22:45 (11:45pm Korean time)
she updated her Cyworld by posting new pictures!! hooray!!

 지면 촬영!

한복컷! 헤헤

Now we get to see MinMin in a hanbok! pretty as always.

Through Google translate, it seems that MinMin is shooting a new project....
Can we trust Google trans this time????

I hope we get updates relating to these pictures...
MinMin....what are you up to now??


  1. wow!! after how many weeks of waiting minmin did give us updates!! she looks pretty as usual in her selca pics! i wonder for which project she's doing right now? hope for news from you minmin!

    we really missed you minmin!

  2. in the hanbok picture she looks very young there.

  3. wow, she updated just a day after he updated, very, very nice, indeed!

  4. yes, i remember the last time he had a message. the fallowing day she updated her cyworld with new pics. she so lovely here.

  5. Picture perfect! Congratulations to this blog, almost 60 thousand viewers.:)

  6. @anonymous #3 & 4,it may be just coincidence! Nah! who im kidding? i think the hyunmins are having a field day because we actually got something from them after the long silence.

    @clara, thanks for the congratulations!

    and guys, thanks for giving comments and visiting! it means a lot to us!

    so see yah around guys!

  7. Thanks Jeankaycee for posting so min's update.
    Yeah, I am wondering too, want to know where smhj up to now. But that two are interesting ....hj massage was days ago and now sm update her cyworld.....

  8. KHJ's message was yesterday and So Min's is a day after. Is it chance, AGAIN?
    She looks super young and pretty in the hanbok! And she must adore that hat, because she loves wearing it, haha.
    I'm spazzin~

  9. @anonymous #7, thank you for visiting the blog! and by the way its my co-blogger vinnie who did post this pictures. ^_^

    again, thanks for the comments and please continue to visit this blog! :)

  10. OMG!!! I'm loving this new update!!! So pretty of Min Min! I like the details of her Hanbok!:-) Ya, she loves to wear that hat. I love her cross necklace too! hehe. Sorry I'm kind of OC with fashion details the stylist/designer in me comes out. hehe.;-)I think she took a picture of herself first with her casual clothes and dressed up with the Hanbok. The background is the same in the pictures. I hope she is doing a new project.Well, I cannot blame for us to spazz about KHJ and JSM! Hehe. Love them! :-) Thanks for the updates!

  11. Ya, she looks very young in the hanbok, like a kid. Very pretty too.

  12. Is that Korean time at 11.45pm? Which means it's 12.45am! Why she stay up so late at night?

  13. mY Gosh! hyunmin couple give me a hard time headache! after khj updated his mobile then she updated her cw too! tsk tsk tsk...these two makes me crazy!!!!!!!!!! wooooooooh

  14. thank you Vinnie for these pretty pics of Jung So Min. She's indeed pretty and looks very young on her handbok!...Oh! KHJ updated & JSM updated too, i'm spazzzzzzzzz hehe

  15. i think so, MinMin is really cute in Hanbok and Beautiful with that hat ..^^ lovely girl!!!

  16. she indeed looks younger in the hanbok clothes, hahaha... i's hardly unrecognize for someone who ever got married as Ms. BSJ, hehehehhe... she's like a high school student afterall...

  17. see guys, i knew that after KHJ updated, JSM will update somehow. and now here she comes.... these two are making me crazy...

    we hyunmins can read them by the book!!!

  18. im really loving all the comments here! lol! HJ's message and MM's updates may just be coincidence...really...
    haha!! who am I kidding?! im spazzing!! lol!

    @anon 11:59am...sorry, its korean time.. i already edited to make it clear...

    @anon prob..its nice spazzing together!! lol!

  19. hmmm i remember this at kathy's bench blog "EVENTHOUGH NOT MUCH CHANCES TO MEET EACH OTHER, COMMUNICATION MAINTAINED WELL" this couple, they want us to be goin crazy! haha

  20. @anon!! im trying to control my spazzing...but this 2 just makes it harder..

  21. Wow! thanks for sharing this. I love to spazz too!haha..I think this is not a coincidence anymore...I really wish these two are on item now weeh

  22. I think it's not a coincidence, because it had twice both update messages at about the same day blog kathy's bench ,I also remember horoscope in part his love "EVENTHOUGH NOT MUCH CHANCES TO MEET EACH OTHER, COMMUNICATION MAINTAINED WELL", so...I think KHJ and JSM maybe communicate with one another even though they have their busy now....miss hyunmin couple....wish both can always together....

  23. waaaaah!
    love all the comments here girls!
    HYUNMIN Couple!
    Keep Fighting!
    we love u!!