Saturday, March 26, 2011

HyunMin GIF's Part 8!

Its HyunMin GIF time once again!
I think I will never get tired of saying of how I miss the HyunMin!
I miss everything about them! *pouts*sigh

But thanks to our dear squishiee for the wonderful HyunMin GIF's!
These GIF's did put a big smile on my face!

Below are squishiee interpretations! ^_^

When someone finds your panties on the floor…

“are these yours?”

 “wifey look what i have..”


minjoong are such adorable dorks x)
we have hyun joong’s reaction to a rocking boat

...and now we have MinMin...

Thanks again squishiee! Hope for more GIF's to come!
But I really hope in the near future we don't only get to see GIF's of them
but to see them together in the flesh!
Please HyunMin! Heed the wishes of your HyunMins!

kathy's bench


MinMin as the Adorable Oh Hani!

As MinMin played the role of Oh Ha Ni in Playful Kiss she does little silly things
 that is utterly adorable!
Just like the GIF's and the video clip below!

Let's have a look Minnies!

MinMin doing the Fart Leader Dance!

So CUTE!!!!!

And this is the clip of MinMin doing the Hani's Silent Cheer Session!

Its so fun to watch as Oh Hani does her little giddy cheer!
She easily makes us feel happy and giddy as well!

I;s just fascinating how well MinMin fit into the role of Oh Ha Ni!
Now I really believe that she was meant to play the part!

woozysoozy of youtube


Kim Soo Hyun and Jung So Min on Behalf of Clinique for Vogue Girl

This is a repost from Koala's Playground:

Kim Soo Hyun and Jung So Min on Behalf 

of Clinique for Vogue Girl

Pretty, so very delectably young and pretty. Clinique chose Kim Soo Hyun and Jung So Min as the spokesmodels for its Moisture Surge line of moisturizer, and Vogue Girlfilmed the photoshoot and released a cute little video showing both stars gamely primping and posing. Everything about this ad campaign is perfect, from the age-appropriate stars to the flirty Spring aura, except for the fact that Kim Soo Hyun and Jung So Min didn’t appear to interact once.
What tha? Hello, two super gorgeous wonderfully talented young actors together in one place and no one thought to actually have them doing couple’s shots? I am appalled at the lack of fan service. *pouts*
The only way I can be appeased is if these two immediately make a drama together, but after Kim Soo Hyun first finishes filming the movie Thieves with Lee Jung Jae andJeon Ji Hyun. With such promising young actors as Kim Soo Hyun and Jung So Min around, I feel pretty good about future of Korean entertainment.
Vogue Girl Making of Clinique CF:

Thanks to Ockoala for the article! I guess you already know that I have a soft spot for
 Koala's Playground because of the wonderful recaps and updates that she gave
 during the airing of Playful Kiss.
And also she's seems every fond of MinMin!
So because of that I like her even more!