Friday, December 24, 2010

Playful Kiss WINS!

As many online polls are around these days to end another K-dramas year, another poll announce it's winner, can you guess who would be the winner? Of course you already know!

Playful Kiss won the Best Drama in the recent 2010 ViKi Picks. Also, Kim Hyun Joong won as the Best Actor in the said poll. The 2010 ViKi Picks were participated by 16,120 voters from 94 countries out there that voted! So, we can safely assume that other countries love Playful Kiss as well! Good choice guys!!! 

So to the Playful Kiss stars and crew congrats guys! You guys deserve all the LOVE!

Yehey they WON!
This drama deserves to be love because of its heart!
Saranghae Playful Kiss

Merry Christmas!

To All the Minnies as well as the HyunMins and even Hyunnies all around the World:

Merry Christmas Guys!!!!

May this Christmas would bring Happiness and Warmth in your Hearts!

And Thank You for supporting this Blog which is dedicated for MinMin! 
You guys have been awesome! Looking forward for spreading more Jung So Min's Love!

Have a Blessed Christmas to EVERYONE!

With Lots of Love,

simplysomin admins : )

HYUNMIN wins!!

The 6th Innolife Awards are over!

and the winner for The Best TV Couple is...........HYUNMIN!!!!!

Congratulations HYUNMIN!! as well as all the fans who took time to vote everyday!


I screencapped the site 'coz I dont know how to read!! all i understood was the word "winner" and its enough for me...haha

They are really the Best Couple (of course, Im!).... here are some pictures of hyunmin to prove that they are indeed the best....chemistry isn't just in the classroom afterall...

credits to Kathy's Bench and

I was wondering at first what scene this is because I think I haven't seen this in the actual episode, then it occurred to me, this might be one of the rehearsal hugs...geez... do you really have to practice a lot for one back hug? *wink* and minmin, you look so comfortable resting your hands on hj's!

haha...the controversial blanket...
hyun joong, you really have perfected that soft expression on your face..... I wonder what you're thinking everytime you have that expression????

I can see you're really enjoying that photoshoot....good for you!! love your smiles

I screencapped this one 'coz I liked the! it makes a nice wallpaper...haha

 I hope we could all do the same for the Best Drama Award....
vote again people...

hyunnies, minnies, hyunmins.....FIGHTING!!!