Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HyunMin Four MV's!

Sorry my Minnies I'm having such a terrible HyunMin missing syndrome so 
I'm watching MV's of our adorable couple and now got some few to share it with you!

Hope you like them as I like them!

The songs for the MV's are just telling a story, they got a CRUSH to each other then wondering IF THEY FALL IN LOVE, and they CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE 
and now NOTHING GONNA STOP US is the last stage! ^_^ 
It so sounded like a fanfic! So cute just like HyunMin!

I really like seeing MV's of them, and still feel surprise to see new MV's of them
because it only means that they are still well love even though the drama has ended
Can't help but feel so grateful to them! ^_^

credits: abbiegaile29, bubblybrook, katieminami4 of youtube

Playful Kiss Video from Japan Fan Meeting!

Well to be honest the video below features mostly to Hyun Joong 
but hey as long as we get to glimpse our princess them so be it! 
And besides we do love Hyun Joong so its ok, right Minnies?

Below is the video!

In the video we can briefly see the hug from the opening of the event!
I just wish the hug did last longer! Hehehehe! Sorry my shipper heart is on full mode!
I have this HUGE request, can they release a DVD of the Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Japan?
I bet it will sold a thousand as this cute OTP is surely love by its fans!

credits: hj8666 of youtube