Saturday, December 18, 2010

What's in a name?

A Name, as defined by Wikipedia, is a label for a noun to distinguish one from another. Names can identify a class or category of things, or a single thing, either uniquely, or within a given context. A personal name identifies a specific unique and identifiable individual person

Every celebrity has a name for his/her fan groups.... mostly, the fans themselves create such names as a way to unite thier group...and i don't mean official fan club names.... i mean the solidifying name or the collective name of a group of people who can relate with each other through the celebrity or a celebrity couple.....

for example.... there's the Hyunnies, for those who love and adore Kim Hyun Joong.... and then there's the Hyunmins or Minjoongs for those who support the Playful Kiss couple, KHJ-Jung So Min. Even in Hollywood, there's Robsten, for those who support the Robert Pattinson-Kristen Stewart tandem......

Different names for different celebrities.... but so important because it becomes an identity....

Now, this is where my problem lies.... i love Jung So Min...and I know a lot of people loves her, too....but what do we call ourselves? In my earlier post, i referred to us (meaning, fans of So Min) as Minnies.....but it kinda reminds me of a certain female mouse...hahaha.....but if you like it, well...... just say so...haha

So to all the So Min fans..... can you please give your suggestions? Just comment in this post then we will select from there.... many thanks


Best Korean Drama of 2010

thanks to ronnel for the tip...

Polls, polls, polls everywhere!! Here's another one.....

 has an ongoing poll for the best korean drama of 2010, and its now between Mary Stayed Out All Night and, of course, Playful Kiss.

PK is in the lead with 52.51% votes, while Mary has 47.49%.

PK lost to Mary in the previews poll.... so PKissers, hyunnies, minnies, hyunmins.... show your support now!


1) only 1 IP address can vote per you have to vote everyday (every 24 hours, to be exact) and
2) voting closes on December 31, 11:59pm (korean time)

UPDATE: as of 3:00am (korean time)....PK has 6,199 (48.81%) votes and Mary has 6,501 (51.19%).....PK is losing....kissers where are you??? there's still time....please show your support..


HYUNMIN at 6th Innolife Awards

credit: Kathy's Bench
image credit: as posted

Let us all support Minmin any way we can!! If you haven't voted yet, please!

They are currently on 1st place (yey!!) but we shouldn't be so complacent, right?? We all know how these internet voting works sometimes (pun intended...but no naming names...haha)

Anyway.... first, you have to go to this site

Here's a link to Kathy's Bench.... she posted detailed instructions on how to vote since the website is in Japanese....

i love this girl (Kathy)..... so dedicated.....

btw, 1 email account = 1 you have to have multiple accounts to vote more than once... if you dont have other accounts, you can make another or you can ask your friends or family to use theirs....and oh... please open your email for the confirmation and click on the link so your vote will count....HYUNMIN fighting!

Second Batch of Jung So Min's Shoes

An Anonymous commenter said that shoes are So Min's jewelry and i totally agree with her! haha who needs jewelry if you have these shoes ?? 
I love So Min's Style and taste with shoes! And I just cant get enough of  them so here are a couple more that I LOVE!

i think this is one of the cutest flats I have ever seen :)

I love a good pair of cute and comfortable flats although  not as much as a pair of to die for heels :))