Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jung So Min - SK Telecom CF's

We usually post all of So Min's CF here in our blog but I think some of her
 old CF's wasn't posted yet.
The videos below were So Min's CF for SK Telecom, she have done this CF's
 prior her debut as on actress in a drama.

So, now I'm doing a recap of her SK Telecom CF's!

Below were her CF's!

SK Telecom CF:Boyfriend/Do As You Feel

SK Telecom CF: Park Tae-Hwan Gold

SK Telecom CF: Family Discount Flights

A big thanks to snowflakesj16 of soompi for re-uploading this from youtube!
So Min do really have this certain pull to people.
Even you mix her to the crowd, she can stand out!

credits: snowflakesj1q6 of soompi
         SK Telecom

Jung So Min's Clinique Ads!

I know, I know news from our resident is quite few nowadays so as of the moment 
we need content ourselves in her endorsement pictures.

As I said before So Min is so BEAUTIFUL in her Clinique ads!
Below are here ads for Clinique!

Hopefully more endorsements and ads will come to So Min's way!
And just imagine So Min working with her other two endorsers of 
Clinique in a drama or movie project
I think it would be pretty awesome!

credits: snowflakesj16 and vanilla 96 of soompi