Thursday, August 18, 2011

MinMin's Cute Eating Video! ^_^

I'm doing my usual browsing youtube routine for anything new about 
our dear MinMin when I came across this video by iamonlyhuman12345. 
Its so cute because it features MinMin Japan travel for O'live 
and focuses on her eating adventures!

See for yourself Minnies!

I hope MinMin could nore projects like this! I think it would be so fun!
And besides it brings her to other places so maybe next time she will come to my country!
(I'm praying for it!) 

I suddenly remember a certain someone says that MinMin is cute when she eats
"She eats like a squirrel eats its acorn" ^_^

credit: iamonlyhuman12335 of youtube

Playful Kiss Tokyo Fan Meeting Pics From Innolife

I know most of the pictures are already been seen but this pictures are the version of Innolife 
and of course I know as long as its MinMin and anything to do with Playful Kiss, I love it. So here it is!
 Love love love them!^_^

Here's the pics!

Sometimes, I'm wondering if I will ever get tired of them?
Well, I always get the same answer over and over again,
The answer is NEVER! ^_^
Why? Because both of them always gives us reason to love them more each day!

credits: kathy'sbench