Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Playful Kiss Fan Meeting in Tokyo Translations!

I know we don't have much of videos and pictures coming from the 
Playful Kiss Fan Meeting but luckily some of the fans do share 
the things that happened to the event!
Just like now we do have some translations! 
Care off from tlbpc of soompi!

Below are the translations!

Source:  日飯Blog, Translated by : 塋水

Content of 2 Aug PK Night Show translation (Part 2A)

MC: The picnic scene (BSJ and OHN’s first date at the lake) Heard that the location is near the university vicinity! Thought that I must visit it once.
HJ: That’s in a package, there’s a pigsty, everyone please remember to bring a mask!  During filming …. (laugh) Jewel in the Palace’s package also have this location (laugh)[HJ talking things irrelevant to PK promo]

MC: During filming on location did you discover anything cute of each other?
HJ: SM seems to like to eat very much, always thinking of party stuff, step by step planning in preparation.
MM: What’s cute about that? (laugh)
HJ: That’s cute (laugh) [Everybody laughs]
MM:  When HJ sunbae sleeps he snores like a kitten!

SJ and HN’s Studying scene, both slept at the desk, HJ really was asleep.
HJ: Was really sleeping, very tired!  Because actually then there was only 2 to 3hrs of sleeping time.

Word connecting game
MM : Sea
HJ : Fish Shop (The entire audience laughed) Because in episode 9 there wasn’t any toilet so I went to the one at the fish shop nearby. (My note:  Notice HJ seem to be able to remember what happened at every episode? Myself as a PK fan yet I can't remember what happened in episode 9 or 6 etc, PK must have left a very deep impression on him)

Kiss in the rain (Everybody watching the scene on the huge screen)
MC : Very intense huh? (laugh)
HJ: That’s the most intense I can think of till now ever appear before (He then laughed after saying that later!)
Audience: Why like that? (The audience laughed and HJ gets very anxious and laughed)
HJ: Kissing ! (laugh)

Favourite Japanese food
Both : Rice with beef

Jeju Island
HJ : Honeymoon (I wrote that I like it, SM would agree to that ! (Keep laughing)

MC: Because out of 6 there are 3 wrongs, punish!
HJ get ready to run away : Since I did the forfeit in the afternoon, tonight's session let SM do it.
Finally both put their hands into the box together, HJ was afraid, didn't put his hand deep inside.
MC hurry them : Times' up.....
MM touched tofu and quickly lift out her hand (laugh)
Seeing this HJ knew and answered in Japanese : Tofu
MC : Correct

Like it very much the way HJ and SM converse with each other, because it was just like they are talking at the backstage.  Since they both spoke a lot in Korean, the MC smilingly spoke to the translator : It’s about time, can you translate?

Question Time
What kind of role do you want to act in?
HJ: Always been acting as rich kid, the next time I think I want to act as a poor kid or in a manly role
MC: You don’t suit those roles!
HJ: That’s my original appearance

MC ask MM: Give HJ a rating for his dressing style
MM : 9 points (10 points is full marks) 

To be continued ... 

As tlbpc it seems like there will be more translations to be out soon so 
we better watch out for that!
In regards to the conversations of the two adorable PK OTP, 
What more can I say? They are just being their comfortable selves!
I love every bits of information that we get from the fan meeting!
It just re-confirmed my stand that they really do get along so well!
And I love it!

credits: 日飯Blog, Translated by : 塋水
tlbpc of soompi
elley for the pic

MinMin's Cyworld Status 08Aug!

Sorry my dear Minnies! This post is kinda late! 
But as they say its better late than never!
Well our lovely princess MinMin did update her status in her Cyworld!

Below is her update!

MinMin's status was "coming soon"

After reading her status update, now I can't really wait for her return!
I'm so freaking excited!!! 
What ever drama our MinMin would choose I would definitely 1000% will support it!
And that drama is surely the lucky one because they got MinMin!
The ever talented young lady!
Please MinMin announce your comeback soon!

credits: jungsomin's cyworld
mijoo-pearl of soompi